Help Desk Certification for Help Desk Team

Technical support and help desk opportunities remain important points of entry into the world of tech for many people today. While there are plenty of IT education and training programs, there are ways you can ensure you are a true IT professional; earning a help desk certification. This can be achieved by validating your knowledge and skills through training and credentials in IT.

Most candidates come into the helps desk positions fresh out of college, or from other related fields without the benefit that comes with having formal help desk certification. Perhaps, this explains why there are increased cases of people wanting to be certified, and an increased tendency for colleges and other institutions to include some form of help desk training in their school curriculum.

In this post, we shall explore everything about help desk certification.

What Is a Help Desk Certification?

It can be defined as an official document that shows that you are an accredited candidate in a technical support or help desk positions. It is common in the IT industry.

For help desk positions, there is a small number of certification programs that focus on the help desk function. You will also find a large number of these credentials that portray themselves as authentic technical support skills, that focus on certain sets of vendor-based platforms and products.

Certifications are important since they help to identify individuals with a specific set of qualifications to meet support requirements for certain vendor products, tools, and platforms. There are also credentials for other positions that are open to anyone with basic technical knowledge of IT practices, operations, and procedures.

What Certifications are Available?

When you have a clear picture of what certifications employers are looking for, it becomes easier to choose the best certification that fits your needs. We’ve rounded up the best support certifications to look out for.

CompTIA A+

It’s among the most popular certifications for IT professionals. CompTIA A+ is a prestigious entry-level certification for those enrolling for IT help desk professions. It’s also a perfect choice for techs who want to expand their skills and those who want additional certifications. A+ credential holders are recognized by the Department of Defense and its part of the essential technician requirement for most enterprise-level firms such as Dell, Intel, and HP.

AppleCare Mac Technician (ACMT)

For users of Apple products, the AppleCare Mac Technician or ACMT credential is a must have. It’s designed specifically to validate the knowledge and skills of IT experts who use MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and any other Apple-related products. To earn the ACMT certification, an individual is required to pass two exams -the ACMT Mac Service Certification and Apple Service Fundamentals exams. You need an Apple Tech ID to be allowed to register for any of these exams or both of them.

HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)

HDI is a legendary technology firm made up of a group of passionate peers and shareholders in the tech support industry that provides people with knowledge, resources, and drive to succeed in what they do.

It offers a multi-tiered certification program with various entry-level and advanced credentials from HDI Support Technician to the HDI Support Center Director.

HDI-CSR main aim is to provide support to other users and ensure they learn soft skills that are useful in communication. The task may vary, but the individual naturally master technical skills needed to identify customer needs and resolve issues quickly. HDI-CSR utilize communication and listening skills to manage customer interactions.

To be HDI-CSR certified, an individual must pass one exam that covers different subjects including people management, leadership, resources, process and procedures, policy and strategy, as well as performance.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation

The certification deals with all IT aspects including design, support, development, and delivery. It is the basic certification in the ITIL system, which also features other certifications such as the Practitioner, Intermediate, Master, and Expert. The ITIL training includes some components of the service desk that are important in the IT industry. Individuals can undergo a short training on the course through the Accredited Trainer or Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and get a certificate at the end of it.


To ensure you’re eligible for any IT job, check to see you have the right desktop support certifications. With little knowledge and relevant technical skills, you will be able to fulfill the customer’s needs. Of course, there are a variety of certifications for each IT niche. Ensure you select one and become an expert in it.

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