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Combing the power and simplicity of Zendesk with 8x8 Contact Center makes it effortless for organizations to improve how it serves its customers.

The 8x8 integration with Zendesk creates a single environment for agents to more effectively manage customer interactions.


Enhance customer relationships with the power of Zendesk and 8x8

  • Control customer conversations from a single screen within the Zendesk interface via chat, email or phone
  • Improve customer satisfaction as time spent pulling up their history is reduced as the customer record is automaticaly presented to the agent upon connection.
  • Gain customer insights with instant access to customer tickets and history
  • Be more informed with consolidated reporting and administrative information
  • Save time and money, since critical functionality works out-of-the-box there is no need for expensive professional services or proprietary software.
  • Track the outcome of each call using customizable codes

8x8 and Zendesk give agents one unified view

  • Integrated Reporting Boosts Insight
  • 8x8 writes appropriate reporting information directly to the Zendesk reporting database. This allows organizations to use the Zendesk reporting capabilities to gain visibility into the entire customer experience across a ticket as it progresses through its various stages


  • X Series X6 or above
  • Zendesk license

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Developer: 8x8, Inc.

Location: United States of America

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