Recently, Forbes shared a survey that everyone can relate to:

Who led your digital transformation?




If you picked C, you’re in good company. But now it’s time for executives to take back the reins and lead a proactive, sustainable digital transformation.

One of the first and biggest steps is establishing effective communication and collaboration, and for most, that probably means moving away from disparate tools employed as a quick fix. At the onset of the 2020 pandemic, many IT leaders had to improvise or cobble together digital communications solutions that were good enough, at least temporarily. But these temporary solutions uncovered several issues:

  • employee frustration from constant app and context switching
  • gaps between employee communications and contact center agent-customer communications
  • organizational, application, and data silos as global teams chose different communications platforms
  • sustainability questions about technological approach, security and long-term cost-effectiveness

As IT leaders now look to the long-term and make the case for tool consolidation and platform approaches, Constellation Research’s work points to several key elements of value that derived from more integrated communications, Constellation Research VP and Principal Analyst, Dion Hinchcliffe describes six here:

Read more research from Dion Hinchclifee here, or check out more supporting information for these six benefits here.