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8x8 Academy’s X Series courses are offered online and in-person. Depending on your X Series package, you will be assigned a certain number of units necessary to complete your product training. Take a look at our learning paths to learn more.

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Free Online Training (Free)
Virtual Office Administrator Courses
Virtual Office Administrator (8 Units)
Virtual Office Administrator eLearning (6 Units)
Virtual Office Analytics (2 Unit)
Virtual Office Sandbox (5 Units)
Virtual Office Adv. Topics & Troubleshooting (15 Units)  
Contact Center Administrator Courses
Virtual Contact Center Administrator (12 Units)   
Virtual Contact Center Administrator eLearning (8 Units)   
Virtual Contact Center Analytics (2 Units)   
Quality Management & Speech Analytics (2 Units)   
Virtual Contact Center Adv. Topics & Troubleshooting (13 Units)   
Post Call Survey (1 Unit)   
Virtual Contact Center Multi-Channel (2 Units)    
ContactNow Administrator (6 Units)    
End User
Virtual Office Adoption Kit (12 Units)
Virtual Office Remote Sessions (5 Units)
Virtual Office Onsite Sessions (28 Units)
Virtual Contact Center Adoption Kit (12 Units)   
Virtual Contact Center Remote Sessions (5 Units)   
Virtual Contact Center Onsite Sessions (28 Units)   
ContactNow Adoption Kit (12 Units)    
ContactNow Remote Sessions (5 Units)    
ContactNow Onsite Sessions (28 Units)    

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