Why Choose Unified Communications?

The value proposition for Unified Communications is straightforward. Replace legacy messaging, phone service, and collaboration tools with one central solution.

The Pillars of Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) streamlines business processes by connecting team members across all locations and messaging tools. A truly unified solution rests on three pillars: Presence awareness, IP telephony, and Uptime.

Presence is the ability to see and respond to available users or devices on the connected network. With presence awareness, teams know whom to reach out to and when they are available. Reducing latency, and identifying the available team member best able to assist with an issue is the #1 labor efficiency introduced by unified messaging.

IP telephony, the foundation of advanced VoIP capabilities, is essential to embedding voice services with the host of messaging and conferencing tools that make up UC. 8x8 boasts VoIP tools built for the virtual office including visual voicemail, audio, video, and web conferencing, and voice integration with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for inbound and outbound contact centers.

Uptime is the ultimate test of a UC solution. Our virtual offices put chat, conferencing, document sharing, and mobile integration into the hands of everyone on your team. Uptime is critical when bundling so many tools on one platform. That’s why 8x8 employs a string of global data centers with redundant infrastructure and unrivaled uptime.

Advantages of Unified Communications

Cost Savings Across All Channels

Business Phone Services and Audio Conferencing

With 8x8 VoIP technology your desktop phone system integrates with the same network as your email and chat services. This brings an additional layer of presence awareness to all intra-office communication as well as the seamless handoff of voice calls from your desk phone to your app-enabled mobile device when you’re on the move.

Video Conferencing

Native video is crucial for any UC solution. 8x8 has been at the cutting edge of video communications from the start. Loop on-premise staff into phone and video chats with teams all over the world with the assurance that their signal will be strong and your meetings more productive.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging includes e-mail, fax, instant messaging, visual voicemail, and video messaging services. Consolidating these diverse services on to one system improves real-time availability of team members, improving team collaboration and cutting down on time spent searching for particular communiques.

Call Center Integration

Only 8x8 brings a full set of integrated UC services to your call center. The borderless operation of call, chat, and social media messaging means your customer service efforts operate on your customer’s channel of choice.Our UC features enhances the user experience for end users and call center operators alike, with numerous CRM integrations, web assist “screen pops,” and advanced call routing features.

Total Cost of Ownership Reductions

Hosted Unified Communications, or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is not a single product. It is a holistic set of capabilities spanning multiple services and devices. By bringing multiple channels of interaction on to one platform, UC deployment significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with all of your business communications tools.

Reduced Capital Expenses

UCaaS eliminates capital expenses on bulky PBX systems and pricey infrastructure maintenance. System updates are enjoyed automatically. IT teams are kept in the loop on all upgrades and maintenance, and your data is automatically backed up on our secure remote servers. These savings reduce both the the upfront costs and the depreciation rate of your UC system.

Reduced Operating Costs

Consolidating multiple services into one UCaaS solution means fewer FTEs dedicated to your various communications. 8x8 has best-in-class training and technical resources to improve familiarity with the platform once deployed, cutting down on training time or the under-employment of valuable tools. Plus, UCaaS cloud deployment eliminates the priciest IT considerations that come with changing HQ locations or expanding the number of team members with access to certain services.

Improved Security

Communications security is all about guarding against the single point of failure. With services that are stitched together or constantly overlapping, those failure points are more common or harder to detect. UCaaS by 8x8 moves all of your voice calls, conferencing, unified messaging, presence awareness, call center and mobile integrations on to one secure platform.

Optimized Business Processes

 Adopting UCaaS means your organization can leverage its existing wide area network (WAN) for all intra-company voice calls. By expanding VoIP services through our mobile app, you can reduce or eliminate long-distance calling fees and cut costs on mobile phone calling. UCaaS bundles all video and unified messaging through the same existing network. This practice, known as SIP trunking, centralizes your call control and messaging on to your existing IP system and cuts out expensive third-party add-ons. Team members can access company communications from their mobile device, joining web conferences, presenting docs, and chatting, from whatever location they choose.

What’s Your Unified Communications ROI?

Unified Communications solutions are as diverse as the companies that deploy them. UC strategies can scale with your team and are sensitive to changes in your business processes or work flow. Studies have shown that not all UCaaS providers are created equal. The TCO for some systems is double that of a traditional phone system due to high maintenance costs. 8x8 is the only UC service provider with the built-in security and reliability to get you up and running on time and on budget.

Check your ROI on an 8x8 Unified Communications system.

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