8x8 makes it easy for our customers to comply with Kari’s Law. Kari’s Law improves the provision of 911 services from Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS). Kari’s Law was developed and passed after the tragic 2013 murder of Kari Hunt during which her daughter repeatedly attempted to dial 911 from her hotel room. Unfortunately, the daughter did not realize she needed to dial a 9 prefix to place an outside call on the hotel’s MLTS. The requirements of Kari’s Law ensure access to 911 without confusion.

What are the major requirements of Kari’s Law?

1. Direct-dial for 911

Kari’s Law requires that MLTS systems must enable direct 911 dials without additional digits, codes, prefix or postfix.

2. Centralized notification for 911 calls placed from MLTS

MLTS systems must be configured to provide notification to a central location at the facility where the MLTS is installed or to another person or organization regardless of location unless enabling notification requires system hardware or software improvement.

How Does 8x8 Support Kari’s Law?

To comply with Kari’s Law and make it easier for our customers to support 911 dials, 8x8’s Configuration Manager allows for administrators to specify who should receive these notifications. Within Configuration Manager administrators are able to document the emergency service address and the email addresses for those who will be notified when a call is made from the given location. (Figure 1).

The notification email will include the following details: time, user name, extension number, address and emergency number dialed.

Figure 1: 8x8 Configuration Manager - E911

8x8 Configuration Manager

8x8’s Configuration Manager is your online portal to manage your company’s phone system. With Configuration Manager, administrators can configure and manage phone numbers, users, and customize communications processes to match your company’s business processes.

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