VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a good choice for businesses that want to save money and reduce their dependence on traditional phone companies. Typical VoIP installs can save 50% or more on long-distance charges, international calling fees, and phone company surcharges. There are several options for installing VoIP for your business.

Before You Start VoIP Installation

The first step in installing VoIP is to decide how many users you will have on your system. Having this information will make decisions about your system. You should also have a good idea of your call volume to make sure the service you use provides enough capacity. Consider whether you will need VoIP on your mobile phones and whether you have any remote or at-home workers. The good news here is that most VoIP systems can easily add or delete users and are scalable, so if you under-count or over-count in the beginning you can adapt in the future.

Check your internet connection to make sure it is fast enough. The best system in the world will not be conducive to high-quality calls if the internet connection is poor. If you need to upgrade your connection, you will want to tackle that before starting your VoIP installation.

You should also have a good idea of the features you need. Whether you need basic phone service or advanced calling features such as call recording, auto attendant, voice mail that forwards to your email, and audio or video conference calling. Consider whether you need a virtual office or virtual contact center or unified communications.

After you have done these preliminary steps, it’s time to pick a VoIP provider. Make sure you choose a quality VoIP provider in order to handle your calls in a secure environment with minimal downtime.

VoIP Installation Guide

You also have some choices as to how you step up your VoIP network within your business environment. You may want to pick one of these three options or a combination of Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs), IP Phones, or Soft Phones.

Analog Telephone Adapter

An analog telephone adapter allows you to use analog phones on a digital phone system or VoIP network. Called an ATA for shorthand, the adapter provides the dial tone, ring generator, caller ID, and other line signaling to the connected phone via a modular jack. Typically, it also has an Ethernet port or USB port to allow connection to the Internet. ATAs can also be connected to computers to enable calling.

IP Phones

IP phones are built for making internet calls and offer plug and play functionality. Just plug the phones into your internet connection and you will immediately be able to make or receive calls.

Soft Phones

A soft phone is an app or software that you install on your computer or phone that allows you to make calls over the internet with your VoIP provider.

VoIP Set-Up And Installation: Best Practices

Set-up for VoIP is fairly simple and much faster than a traditional phone system. Your phone system features will be handled over your internet connection so set up happens in the cloud through a web-based portal. Work with your VoIP provider to allocate the number of lines, extensions, and equipment. When it’s time to go live, it can be as simple as connecting your IP phones, apps, and/or analog telephone providers.

Benefits Of VoIP Phone Service

The biggest benefit of using VoIP for your phone services is cost savings. With a lower total cost of ownership, you can easily save half of your current costs.

One monthly bill: Unlimited local and long distances charges, free calls between offices, voicemail, and reduce or eliminate international calling.

Little up-front costs: There are also no upfront costs for PBX hardware or software. Systems can work with existing handsets (with adapters), IP phones, or apps

No IT staff is required: An easy-to-use administrative portal will manage the addition or deletion of users.

Advanced Features: Without any additional costs, you will get advanced calling features

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