The Jitsi team at 8×8 is proud to announce the launch of Jitsi as a Service (JaaS): world’s easiest way to embed video meetings in your apps and websites. It’s now possible to build the power of Jitsi right into the processes your users and customers use every day, without having to worry about infrastructure, deployment, or security. Check out JaaS now

In early 2020, we doubled down on Jitsi and worked hard to support a dramatic increase in usage by schools, companies, communities, journalists, and many others.

We also saw creative teams and developers embedding Jitsi into their apps to tackle all sorts of different use cases, from work collaboration to education, from happy hours to Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

It has become obvious that users want to find Video meetings right where they need them, integrated in the apps they already use, embedded in the websites they already visit.

The Jitsi team at 8×8 was inspired by all of that creativity and got busy. We are proud to now announce the result of that work: Jitsi as a Service. JaaS lets you use the Jitsi iFrame API and mobile SDK to embed meetings in any web or mobile app. It gives you full control of meeting access through strong authentication and supplies a comprehensive set of webhooks to help apps control and interact with meetings.

And guess what? It all comes with a simple pricing model based on the number of users that connect to your service each month.

To demonstrate how easy it is to embed a JaaS meeting in a website, I asked Matt Gardner, our developer relations lead, to try it out. Watch the short video to see Matt go from zero to video meetings in minutes.

We already have many interesting apps hosted on JaaS and look forward to sharing some of them with you soon. Until then, make sure you check out all that JaaS and start embedding video meetings today.