API outsourcing allows businesses to get the application and programming build support they need without necessarily choosing an in-house team. This is a form of outsourcing in which companies build custom-designed applications for clients.

What Is API Outsourcing?

API outsourcing is a strategy business can use to build software. Essentially, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are sets of tools for software building. Outsourcing the buildout or implementation of an API allows organizations to have other businesses build their software — it's another term for outsourcing the programming behind the software.

For custom-built applications designed to fit a specific niche in a company, API outsourcing may be one of the best ways to obtain the software the organization plans to use later. It's an alternative to hiring in-house staff for programming work.

How Does API Outsourcing Work?

API outsourcing starts with the business deciding what should be outsourced and how the outsourcing should be done. From there, they need to identify a plan and start implementing it.

Here's the general process for API outsourcing:

  • Planning: During the planning phase, organizations decide they will need to outsourcing API implementation. They generally have a specific project in mind that needs to be designed and written, although they may just have a general idea and list of features they need. For instance, a small community bank may need a smartphone app for mobile banking, but not know much about how to create it. They'd make a basic plan and then look for someone to create the app for them.
  • Search: The business then looks for the right company or developer to outsource the API build to.
  • Contract: After finding a great developer, the businesses create a contract and negotiate. If the developer agrees, they sign the contract.
  • Work begins: In close communication with the developer, the business explains what they need and the developer works very similarly to in-house staff. How involved the client is in the development process depends on the application(s) being developed, how the system will be used, and what specialized knowledge is necessary to make the app successfully.

The process of working with developers may be different depending on the app, the industry the applications are being used in, and the level of ongoing support needed during the app's implementation and use.

What Communications Tools are Needed?

Software development, whether in-house or outsourced, generally requires very close communication. A custom-built app must fit specific functions in order to meet the needs of the business. It makes sense, then, that communications tools are necessary to help keep everything running smoothly.

For example:

  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service): UCaaS brings several different forms of communication into a single platform to make it easier for organizations to work together and communicate.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): VoIP is an Internet-based phone technology that can make it cheaper to use the phone and offers extensive added features.
  • Cloud storage: For the applications, data storage, and other needs organizations often have, it makes sense to sign up for cloud-hosted storage, too. This way, the business does not need all the infrastructure that would normally be necessary for using data and applications.

In their work, API outsourcing businesses may rely on chat, email, phone service, and text to communicate with their clients.

Getting Started with API Outsourcing

API outsourcing allows businesses to build their own apps even if they don't have in-house developers to help with the API implementation. Outsourcing helps companies control their labor costs, gain access to better expertise, and improve their own application development. Independent developers can work closely with their clients to create applications that fit specific needs. Thanks to advanced communications software and services, staying in close communication with the companies you choose to outsource to is easier than ever. You can use chat, text, phone calls, file and application sharing, and email within a single platform. With strong communication, API outsourcing can be an ideal strategy for developing your custom application.

Your business has enough on its plate. Outsource what makes sense for your business, choose a world-class SaaS technology solution and focus on what's important: your clients. Call 1-877-478-0576 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.


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