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Voicemail-to-email is great way to save time and be more responsive to your clients. It’s included free with your 8x8 Virtual Office business phone system.

  • Get an instant email notification with the audio file attached every time someone leaves you a voicemail. Hear it on the spot without calling into your voicemail box.
  • The email includes the number of the person who called, so returning calls is quick and convenient.
  • Choose your notification preference: email with audio file, email notification only, email with link to audio file, email with link and attachment, or no notification.

Customer Comments

“The voicemail-to-email account feature has increased customer satisfaction and efficiency for our business. It has also helped increase our sales numbers at least 10%.”

“It makes it so convenient to quickly listen to voicemails as they come in whether I’m in the office or not. My clients are sometimes surprised by how responsive I am, especially after hours or on weekends.”

“If I happen to delete a voicemail on my phone, I can always find it in an email. This system of sending voicemails by email is a great reminder for those busy overwhelming days at work.”

Example Email

Voicemail-to-email with attachment


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