Business-class Voicemail

Our business-class voicemail is a powerful VoIP business service tool that is available when you cannot answer the phone.

When you can’t answer the phone, 8x8 Voicemail is there with all the business-class features you need.

  • Voicemail notification via email: if you have access to an email account, you can receive either a voicemail alert notification or voicemail audio file attachment via email
  • Listen to voicemails via attached email, by phone, or by logging on to your Virtual Office Online dashboard
  • One number access allows follow me search
  • Return call directly from voicemail message
  • Dial out of voicemail
  • Voicemail forward to another extension – users can forward a message to another user on their system to share information

You can also view, manage, delete and download your voicemails online, anytime!

Learn more about the voicemail-to-email feature.