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8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce

8x8 Virtual Office integrates powerful unified communications capabilities and call analytics into Salesforce to improve the workflow, collaboration, and management of salespeople. logoMaintaining sales efficiency and effectiveness, managing distributed sales teams, and generating accurate pipeline reports is tedious and time-consuming. Without the right tools and processes in place management is oftem left in the dark when it comes to the accurate status of an opportunity. 8x8 solves these problems for sales by integrating our world class Virtual Office Cloud PBX with Salesforce.

Improve Workflow and Collaboration

Salespeople can click to dial and receive screen pops on inbound customer calls. Later, they can easily log the call or set up a task, even if the call was taken on a mobile phone. With Virtual Office for Salesforce, sales reps can:

  • Click to dial within Salesforce
  • Receive screen pops of customer details
  • Quickly log calls and notes to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Create tasks and log previous calls
  • See presence, chat and make transfers

Unparalleled Call Analytics

Call analytics gives you unique and accurate insights to the sales process. Managers and sales ops can confidently analyze all call activity and use filters based on the context of the call, such as “show me outbound calls to leads” or “deals closing this month.” :

  • Track calls from any 8x8 Virtual Office device, including mobile
  • Categorize call activity and talk time based on business stage
  • View team performance and drill down to individual performance
  • Enrich Salesforce account and contact data with detailed call reporting data
  • Use visualizations to review call history and pipeline progression
  • Quickly correlate call activity with actual business results
  • Filter activity for Outbound/Inbound, Leads/Opportunities, Deal Size, and more

Communication Panel Features

As the primary salesperson communications app, the Virtual Office Communications Panel for Salesforce lets users:

  • Assign call notes to an Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity at any time
  • Create follow-ups during or after a call
  • Auto-log any received call
  • View presence, and start a chat or warm transfer
  • Monitor conversations and whisper coaching tips
  • Record conversations
  • Search Salesforce for records and associated call notes
  • Review “unworked” calls that need logging 

Salesforce Integration with 8x8 Virtual Office

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