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Virtual Attendant

A Virtual Attendant is combined with Virtual or Metered Extension as a minimum order for new customers and is designed for businesses with low outbound calling requirements.

If you require robust outbound calling, purchasing an Unlimited extension removes the requirement to purchase Virtual Attendant. Virtual Attendant with Virtual Extension is ordered for situations where a physical 8x8 telephone extension is not required. The Virtual Attendant is often used to provide recorded information menus such as business hours or directions. It is also used to route incoming calls to non-8x8 telephone services such as cell phones, home phones and existing office phones.

The Virtual Attendant must be ordered with Virtual or Metered Extension as a minimum base package and includes Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Call Forwarding, Music on Hold, Voicemail, and Conference Bridge.

Additional Auto Attendants can also be ordered as your business grows or as your needs dictate. You can even link multiple Auto Attendants together.

A minimum of one US Virtual Extension is required and must be purchased with your Virtual Attendant.

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