Toll-Free Numbers

A Toll-Free Virtual Number is an inbound number that rings to your auto attendant, ring group or primary 8x8 line. US callers can call your toll-free number at no charge to them.

Our toll-free number plan offers you a flat monthly fee that includes a fixed number of minutes of inbound toll-free calls with a per-minute charge thereafter. We also offer a toll-free number plan where you can have multiple toll-free numbers sharing the fixed number of minutes. All you need to do is select the desired number of minutes per month and purchase the desired number of toll-free numbers at $4.99 a month for each number.


  • $9.99 one-time activation.
  • Applicable Taxes and Regulatory Fees.
  • Now available in Canada. Call for pricing.
Inbound Toll-free Calls Monthly Fee Plan Per Minute Overage Per Minute
150 minutes/month $4.99 $0.0333 $0.0450
1,500 minutes/month $39.99 $0.0267 0.0390
5,000 minutes/month $94.99 $0.0190 $0.0285
20,000 minutes/month $359.99 $0.0180 $0.0275
50,000 minutes/month $850.00 $0.0170 $0.0249
100,000 minutes/month $1,700.00 $0.0170 $0.0195

8x8 also offers international local and toll numbers.

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