Internet Faxing

8x8 Internet Faxing is a personal online faxing service included with each Virtual Office Pro extension.

Enjoy the convenience and economy of online faxing! Save paper, toner and most importantly, time.

In order to fax documents, they must be available electronically on your computer. If you have a Virtual Office Pro extension, you can send and receive online faxes from any computer using the Virtual Office online dashboard—Virtual Office Online. You’ll be ruthlessly efficient with 8x8 Internet Fax at your disposal!

Simple and Personal

Fax alerts are sent to you by email so you’ll know you have a fax the minute it comes through. Click the link in the email or log in to your Virtual Office Online dashboard and it’s there for you to print, download, or just admire. Want to send a fax? Log in, type in the fax number, attach the document or file, and it’s on its way.

  • Send multiple documents in the same fax; just keep adding attachments
  • Create a customized fax cover sheet with your logo and company info
  • Send and receive an unlimited number of online faxes
  • View, download, or delete sent and received faxes
  • Fax alerts are sent via email; click a link to view, print, or save your fax instantly
  • Easily see your fax status: pending, failed, sent
  • Free local US fax number

Good To Know

  • Maximum file size is 10MB for each file.
  • If you fax to countries or international locations that are not included in your extension plan, you will be charged at the international calling rate.
  • International or toll-free fax numbers are available at an extra charge.

Fax over IP Limitations

Faxing has known limitations when implemented as a Fax over IP service. These limitations are technology-based and industry-wide. Several VoIP companies, including 8x8, use the T.38 standard for sending faxes over the Internet. Although the standard promises better reliability, that standard is still open to interpretation by various providers and cannot be maintained on an end-to-end basis.

8x8 cares about providing you with services that meet your needs. If your business is heavily dependent on regularly faxing large, multi-page documents, we recommend that you maintain an analog line and a traditional fax machine for reliable and consistent performance. For occasional faxing, many of our business customers find these best-efforts fax services to be cost-effective and more than adequate to serve their needs. We encourage you to assess your faxing needs to select the best option for your business.

Supported File Types
8x8 Internet Fax will automatically convert your document or file into a PDF before sending. The following file types are supported: docx, .doc, .dotx, .dotm, .dot, .mht, .mhtml, .rtf, .txt, .wps, .xml, .xlsx, xlsm, .xlsb, .xls, .xltx, .xltm, xlt, .csv,.tif, .pdf, .ppt, .BMP, .DCX, DIB, .DPX, FAX, FITS, FPX, .GIF, GIF87, ICO, IPTC, JBIG, JP2, JPEG, JPG, MIFF, MNG, Mcomputer, MTV, OTB, PBM, computerD, computerDS, computerT, computerX, PGM, PICT, PNG, PNM, PPM, PSD, P7, RAS, RGBA, SGI, SUN, TGA, TIFF, VICAR, VID, VIFF, WMF, XBM, XPM, XWD


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