Caller ID Blocking

To screen calls, phones include a free caller ID feature. Caller ID Blocking displays a caller’s name or business name and the phone number they’re calling from.

Call Blocking for Incoming Calls

Call blocking lets you block specific calls from coming in. Use it to reduce telemarketer calls or robocalls, or use it to stop spam from coming in on your fax machine. With call blocking for incoming calls, you can block unwelcome or harassing calls from disrupting your business, block out specific phone numbers, area codes or callers, and reduce wasted paper and ink from spam faxes.

Caller ID Blocking for Outgoing Calls

Would you like to make your outbound calls private? Caller ID blocking lets you block your name or business name and phone number when you make calls. It can be set up temporarily or permanently, and it’s a free feature. This feature works with most numbers except 911 and toll-free numbers.

How to Block your Caller ID

Want to block caller ID? To block your information from showing up in outbound calls, use the following steps:

Virtual Office Configuration Manager

  • Log into 8x8’s Virtual Office Configuration Manager.
  • Select Users, More Options and Edit.
  • Then select External Caller ID and Block External Caller ID. This will block your information from appearing when you make calls. When the toggle turns blue, the feature is active.
  • Want to block your information from displaying when you make calls from within your business? Use Internal Caller ID and Display Internal Caller ID.
  • Click Save to confirm your changes.

Account Manager

  • If you’re a system administrator, log into your Account Manager and select Phone System and then View.
  • Where it states View All Extensions, select View and then Edit on the extension you want to make changes to.
  • Where it states Extension Settings, select Permanent Caller ID Blocking. Then select Save Changes to confirm your selection.

Virtual Office Desktop

  • From any phone, select Settings or go to Virtual Office and select Settings and My Services.
  • Where it states External Caller ID, click Anonymous from the available menu.
  • Select Save to confirm your changes.

Let Caller ID Blocking Help You Improve Workflows

Blocking unwanted calls and spam can reduce disruptions to busy workdays. Use caller ID to accept or deny incoming calls and use call blocking to stop harassing calls and telemarketers. With tips for handling robocalls and spoof calls, you can avoid scams from incoming calls.

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