Call Transfers

Call transfers are a process of passing on inbound calls to another phone or to voicemail, without having the customer call back to another extension. This is accomplished with a call transfer button on a physical phone, or by using Virtual Office software. In a 8x8 Contact Center setting, agents can transfer inbound calls to other agents for faster resolution of customers’ issues. Also, call transfer is an essential feature of modern contact center solutions that allows transferring customer calls from one call center agent to another.

Benefits of a Call Transfer

If a caller has reached an incorrect extension, many business phone systems require the caller to call the main number again and choose another extension. Call transfer helps to avoid customer frustration and provides many useful features such as transferring calls to

  • Another extension or directly to a specific phone
  • The correct menu option if a caller reaches the wrong department
  • A voicemail box

Call transfers are useful if a business has only one line. It is easy to transfer between extensions or transfer the call to an outside number without tying up the phone line.

Call transfers are also helpful if a customer needs to speak with specialists in multiple locations in order to solve an issue. Businesses with remote workers can also significantly benefit from these solutions.

Types of Call Transfers

A call transfer usually includes only the phone number of the original caller, but newer business phone systems can transfer more information along with the call, including notes by previous agents on the call.

There are two ways to transfer a call, both in Virtual Office and in the Contact Center: cold, blind or direct transfer, and warm or attended transfer. There is also a transfer to voicemail option. The main difference lies in whether or not the call is introduced or announced prior to actually transferring. 

Cold (Blind) Transfer in Virtual Office
: This option is useful when you’re speaking with a customer and you need to transfer them to another phone to speak with a specialist.

Cold (Blind) Transfer in a Contact Center:
An agent sends the customer’s call to another agent without informing the receiving agent about the customer’s issue

The disadvantage in this type of transfer is that the customer will have to repeat their information, right from the beginning, to the person to whom they have been transferred. There may even be instances when the call gets transferred to a person who is away from their desk. This aggravates the situation and leaves the customer frustrated.

Warm (Attended) Transfer in Virtual Office: This type of transfer involves checking with the intended call receiver before transferring the call

Warm (Attended) Transfers in a Contact Center:
Agents can communicate with each other right before the call transfer. The agent first informs the customer that the call will be put on hold, connects with another agent, explains the customer’s issue and then transfers the customer’s line to the new agent.

This type of call transfer ensures that customers don’t have to repeat the same information again and are handed over to someone who knows their case resulting in a better experience for the customer.

How to Set Up Call Transfers for Virtual Office

Virtual Office makes transferring calls easy. Here are the steps:

Direct (Cold) Transfer:

  1. Click the “More” button and select “Transfer”
  2. Search contacts for the person you wish to transfer the call to
  3. Press the “direct transfer button” next to your contact’s name. (Your caller will be momentarily put on hold while the transfer goes through.)
  4. Once the transfer is complete you will be dropped from the call.

Warm (Attended) Transfer:

  1. Click the “More” button and select “Transfer.” (To ensure that the person you are transferring to is available)
  2. Search contacts for the person you wish to transfer the call to
  3. Press the “warm transfer button”, next to your contact’s name. (The third person will be joined on the line)
  4. Confirm if the third party is available to take the call
  5. Select ‘Merge Calls’ to connect all three lines
  6. Press the red “hang up” icon to leave the call and select ‘Let others continue’

Transfer directly to voicemail:

  1. Click the “More” button and select “Transfer”
  2. Search contacts for the person you wish to transfer the call to
  3. Press the “transfer to voicemail” button, next to your contact’s name
  4. Your caller will then be transferred to voicemail and you will be dropped from the call

Watch this video on how to transfer a call in Virtual Office

How to Set Up Call Transfers for 8x8 Contact Center

8x8’s Contact Center provides agents with two telephone lines for transferring calls. Through the Agent Console, you can check the status of other agents, consult an available agent or blindly transfer the call. Agents can transfer an active call to another agent, a queue or an external phone number. There are several call transfer options you can choose:

  • Extension to extension: no charge
  • Extension to PSTN: at regular 8x8 billing rate
  • 1-step transfer: “blind transfer”
  • 2-step transfer: “transfer with announcement”

Here’s how the call transfer process works inside the Contact Center:

  1. Notify your current caller about the transfer
  2. Select line 2 in the Phone tab, which will automatically place your customer on line 1 on hold
  3. Next, click on the Agents tab to see the list of available agents and their current status. Consult the agent by phone or chat, or transfer the call blindly
  4. To consult, select the agent you wish to transfer the call to and initiate a call or chat with that agent
  5. Once the agent answers, inform them that you are transferring the call and click on “Transfer Lines” to complete the transfer
  6. To transfer the call directly without speaking to the agent first, simply select the agent and click on “Blind Transfer” from the Agent Console

Improve Customer Service With 8x8 Call Transfers

Call transfer is a useful feature that allows calls to be transferred to other numbers, so that issue resolution can be expedited. While a cold transfer offers a quick way to send calls to another person, it also requires the customer to restate their problem or repeat the same information. On the other hand, a warm transfer allows the person transferring the call to consult with the person to whom the call is being transferred, to check if they are available and to pass on the customer’s information, resulting in better customer service.


  1. What is Call Transfer calling?

    a. It is a feature in Virtual Office and 8x8 Contact Center that lets you transfer incoming calls from your phone to another number or extension.

  2. What are the charges for Call Transfer calling?

    a. There are no separate charges for the Call Transfer feature. It’s a built-business phone feature.

  3. How to transfer a call in Virtual Office Desktop?

    a. Warm transfers will allow you to speak to the person you'll be transferring the call to before the transfer takes place, and cold transfers (aka blind) will immediately pass the call over. Click here to learn more.

  4. How will call transfers help my business?

    a. No additional equipment is required.
    b. Easily redirect calls using an 8x8 built-in call transfer feature.
    c. It builds the reputation of your business.
    d. You can seamlessly transfer the calls from different extensions/locations.

  5. How to transfer calls using a Polycom handset?

You can initiate three types of call transfers: warm transfer, blind transfer, or transfer to your voicemail using a Polycom Handset. Learn more here.

Get your call transfer system right and give your customers a break! Make sure that they are not being bounced around from person to person. Setup your 8x8 business phone system in just a few minutes and transfer calls to the right place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.


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