8x8 Contact Center

Adoption Kit Free

8x8 Contact Center

Adoption Kit Free

8x8 Contact Center

Adoption Kit Free

8x8 Contact Center

Adoption Kit Free

Who should take this course?

Agents and supervisors looking to learn and practice using Contact Center at their own pace.

Course Overview

This adoption kit includes three fully interactive, self-paced eLearning courses in HTML format. These can be disseminated internally within your company an unlimited number of times. Core modules include: Introduction to Contact Center, Manage Interactions, and Supervisor Functions. A Quality Management and Speech Analytics module is available on request. Supplementary documents provided include a project plan template, employee communication email templates, change management best practices, and links to 8x8 documentation and videos.

The free adoption version is provided without charge: (0) Training Units.

Engagement Process

Adoption kit contents are delivered to the IT Manager (or the person accountable for training employees).

Kit contents and eLearning training strategy are reviewed during an initial phone consultation with an 8x8 University customer training program manager. Use this time to receive your download, review kit contents, and plan how to deliver training in your environment. (Allow up to one hour for initial consultation, and up to 30 minutes for an optional follow-up call.)

We recommend that you schedule this phone consultation four to six weeks before training end users at your location to maximize the effectiveness of the kit.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Contact Center (Core)
  • Manage Interactions (Core)
  • Status Codes
  • Phone Interactions
  • Additional Features
  • Supervisor Functions (Core)
  • Quality Management and Speech Analytics

Next Steps

Contact training@8x8.com to receive your free kit today.

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