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Learn to identify key trends and obtain customizable data from all your communication channels in one tool.

Log In and Overview

The first step is for system admins to set your user permissions. Once configured, users may login from the 8x8 unified login page.

For Classic Users, please review the training video on how to assign permissions to users using Account Manager here.

How to assign permissions:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Admin Console
  2. Select Users
  3. Click Edit next to the user you would like to assign permissions to
  4. Scroll to the "Analytics for 8x8 Work" section and select the package you would like to assign

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Navigation and Terminology

Learn about basic terminology and navigation to help you start analyzing data and running reports.

How to navigate in Analytics for 8x8 Work:

  1. Use the side menu to access different reports
  2. Use the date and time picker to customize the reports
  3. Use the filter icon to display desired call metrics

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Company Summary

The Company Summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of your business phone system usage. Using these metrics, you can analyze inbound and outbound traffic patterns and adjust your business hours to serve your customers.

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Extension Summary

The Extension Summary report provides a detailed summary of call activity for any extension. Using this report, you can track the number of answered, abandoned and missed calls for each extension in the PBX.

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Call Detail Records

The Call Detail records provide historical information about all (inbound and outbound) calls processed in the time frame the user selects.

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Active Calls Report

The Active Calls report provides a real-time list of calls that are currently active across the company, which is useful for call queue supervisors, managers and agents.

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Unreturned Calls Report

The Unreturned Calls report shows a list of unanswered numbers that called into your 8x8 phone system.

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Calls by DID Report

The Calls by DID report tracks incoming call activity to phone numbers. Users are able to see how many calls each of these phone numbers receives.

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Call Quality Report

For IT personnel who need to ensure their organization’s calls meet the level of quality expected from 8x8, the Call Quality report gives a variety of important insights. It reviews voice quality scores to ensure good audio quality, balanced call volume and also analyzes call quality trends to generate related reports.

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Call Queue Report

The Call Queue report provides real-time and historical metrics for a call queue such as the number of agents waiting to serve the queue, number of calls waiting in the queue, waiting time, number of calls answered so far, and more. The report consists of four sections: Queue Board, Queue Listing, Queue Detail and Call Queue Data.

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Ring Groups Report

The Ring Group dashboard provides a real-time view of all call activity in any designated Ring Group. Using these stats, you can monitor the performance of agents assigned to the ring group. This report presents call details of all calls processed by the ring group. You can view all attempted calls or filter to view only the answered calls.

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Employee Activity Report

The Employee Activity report is an excellent tool for administrators or managers to quickly view the 8x8 Work Status of users in their phone system at a glance.

How to use the Employee Activity report:

  1. Go to "Employee Report" from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click on "Display Status" to view employees' current status
  3. Use the filter icon to display employees in specific branches or departments
  4. Click on "Activity" from the Navigation Menu to view the previous status of the employees

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Device Status Report

Using this report, you can track devices and employee usage. You can identify network service issues such as those affecting your team during a big storm. The status of devices connected to the network is shown in real time including a geo view of each phone location. It helps you understand and manage any service disruption before it severely impacts performance.

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Schedule Report

Email reporting allows a user to schedule reports to be sent on a regular basis to either archive data or simplify data gathering, and get updates on agents’ activity and effectiveness.

How to schedule a report:

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner and select Schedule Report Emails from the dropdown menu
  2. Click New to create a new email report
  3. Enter or select the information you would like to include in the report
  4. Click Submit to schedule the new report

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Business Hours

The Business Hours report displays the total number of inbound calls during and after business hours for each day. Please note: in order to access the report, you’ll have to set up your business hours first. From the side menu, click on Business Hours Report. To configure your business hours, click on Configure, then select your business hours accordingly. Click Save when you’re done.

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