What is a Unified Messaging System?

Unified messaging and unified communications both have a lot to offer your organization. Through unified communications, your business can collaborate more and reach higher levels of productivity than you perhaps thought would be possible. Thanks to unified messaging, your organization can improve communications, work remotely, and offer more responsive customer service.

Now, you no longer need to juggle a large number of different software systems just to communicate across different platforms with your coworkers and with others. Unified messaging systems can help you bring your messages into just one platform that you can check from the road.

In this article, you can read more about how unified messaging and unified communications can make a difference for your business. Find out some of the most significant benefits and get started on bringing a unified messaging or communications solution to your company.

What is a Unified Messaging System?

Unified messaging systems bring together all of your voicemail messages from different phone numbers and voicemail boxes into a single mailbox, generally your email account. From there, you can check your messages all in one place and have less likelihood that you'll lose communications or forget a message thread.

While at home or on the go, you can check your messages quickly and easily from your email. Transcripts of your messages can be sent directly to your email mailbox for review later on.

How Does Unified Messaging Work?

Unified messaging connects to your different voicemail boxes and copies the messages over into your unified messaging account. There, you can check your messages remotely. This helps ensure that you never lose a message again or forget to check your different account mailboxes.

How Does VoIP Work with Unified Messaging?

VoIP is one example of a phone service you can use with unified messaging. In that case, unified messaging services would bring all of your VoIP phone service voicemail messages along with any other voicemail you have into a single mailbox for you to check when you need to. Typically, this means sending voicemail transcripts directly to your email.

What is the Difference between Unified Messaging and Unified Communications?

Unified messaging and unified communications are completely different, although unified messaging is a type of unified communications. By bringing your messages together into one mailbox, unified messaging achieves one of the main goals of unified communications. Unified communications take this a step further and bring together your other communications.

For instance, here are a few features of unified communications:

  • Chat: Instant messaging and chat enable coworkers to keep in touch no matter where they are located. Almost instant communications make it easier to collaborate.
  • Email: Have your email in the same mailbox as your other types of messages.
  • Voicemail: Instead of having to call your voicemail account, you can keep your voicemail messages in the same platform with your other communications for quick reference.
  • Document collaboration: Keep your documents together and share them for simple collaborative editing and writing. Allow coworkers to make comments and suggestions from wherever they are.
  • Phone service: Call your coworkers and even track phone calls. VoIP service makes a variety of phone features possible with your unified communications system.
  • File sharing: Share access to important files so your coworkers have what they need to help with important projects.

Unified communications have so much to offer your organization. Depending on the service you use and which vendor you have, there may be other benefits and features as well. The main difference between unified messaging and unified communications is scope---the first is all about voicemail, while the second is all about bringing a wide variety of different systems together.

Getting Started with Unified Communications

Unified messaging and communications have so much to offer your business. While unified messaging can help with your voicemail, unified communications can bring together so many different types of communications systems you use every day to collaborate, helping your organization communicate better and become more productive.

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