Unified Communication Statistics

In today's globally connected, always-on work environment, a unified communications (UC) system is vital for success. It's not just a 'nice to have' idea, it's way more than that. The unified communications statistics confirm that more and more companies are using virtual office networks to communicate, both internally and with their clients, as they strive to take their business to the next level. 

In over 40 countries on 6 continents, cloud solutions provider 8x8 facilitates over 100 million calls every single month for companies that understand the power of 21st century communication systems.  That's the kind of technological breakthrough which is nothing short of revolutionary and it's adoption is accelerating, and it's happened in only a couple of years.

By The Numbers 

The rapid rise of unified communications has been truly astonishing. Global tech research firm Gartner has been following the growth of the market and has reported growth of over 20% for every year since 2015 (23% in 2017, and 21% in 2018), and users spent $1791 million on Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) in 2018, up from $1480m the year before. The projection for 2019 is a market segment worth $2146 million.  

Unified communications has become a massive global industry and it's not hard to see why. 

Why UCaaS Is Taking Over

UCaaS reflects how we all communicate in 2018, across a multitude of platforms, via the cloud, on mobile devices and through social networks, and instantly. We've become so used to everything being integrated and working seamlessly that we expect nothing less from our business communication tools. 

Is there a reason why Unified Communications are replacing legacy conferencing and telephony systems? "According to Grand View Research, there is one major driving factor behind this technological shift: 'companies are looking at ways to decrease costs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity'.” 

Take a look at a graph which represents the growth in cloud hosted services:

The beauty of a unified communications system for businesses is that a whole range of platforms and tools are combined into one easy-to-use system that is inclusive and uniform for users. Whether it's the need for a virtual receptionist, number porting, instant messaging, online meetings or a wide range of other business use cases, unified communications make it possible and make it simple for teams to collaborate in what they do.   

The Power Of Collaboration

In an age when workers are looking for tools that offer mobility and flexibility while still maintaining a solid infrastructure are priceless. Management can monitor the activity of a particular team via cloud-based analytics, while allowing workers the freedom that they desire. Using collaborative tools such as instant messaging that is visible to the whole team, virtual office call recording, online meeting applications, and presence indicators that show whether workers are available or not, are genuinely useful workplace tools for any business looking to expand. 

UC by Economic Sector

Another interesting insight from the Grand View Research report was around the various sectors of the economy that are using Unified Communications. The study found that most UC (54%) is used by enterprise clients, followed by government, then healthcare, then education. Due to its ability to enhance collaboration and mobility for clients on a global scale, it's likely that these market share trends will accelerate over the medium term, as the use of UC becomes more widespread. 

It's simply no longer practical for companies to be built around traditional landline phone systems that require employees to be present in an office at all times. The world has changed and organizations are embracing that change and using unified communications to enhance communications both within an organization and with their customers. 

The statistics show that consumers appreciate companies developing lines of communication beyond the traditional call center / email paradigm. They like to see transparency and a willingness to adapt to a changing communications environment, and unified communications is the ideal vehicle to fulfill that need. 

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