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Explore the key features: One cloud solution for enterprise voice, meetings, collaboration, and contact center across mobile and desktop devices.

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X Series X2

  • Unlimited Calling to 14 Countries
  • Mobile Application
  • Team Messaging
  • Video & Audio Conferencing (5 Participants)
  • Call Recording
  • Personal Call Analytics
  • Integrations (SFDC, Zendesk, NetSuite, Dynamics)
  • Single Sign On

Integrated Communications

Smarter Global Engagement

X Series X4

X4 includes X2 capabilities plus

  • Unlimited Calling to 47 Countries
  • 50 Participants for Video & Audio Conferencing
  • Barge, Monitor, Whisper
  • Call Quality Reporting
  • Operator Switchboard

X Series X6

X6 includes X4 capabilities plus

  • Voice Contact Center
  • Expert Connect
  • CRM Pop for Context
  • Granular Search Analytics
  • Graphical Call Display
  • Post Call Surveys
  • IVR

Speed to Resolution

Customer Experience Transformation

X Series X8

X8 includes X6 capabilities plus:

  • Multichannel Contact Center
  • Quality Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Co-browse
  • Outbound Preview Dialer
  • @ Mentions for Real Time Agent Feedback

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