Overhead Paging

Connect your overhead paging system to your 8x8 Virtual Office service with 8x8 Virtual Office Overhead Paging.

The Virtual Office Overhead Paging System (also known as ZONE overhead paging) allows subscribers to dial an extension number and connect to an announcement paging system. The announcement system should be a one-way speaker system, such as an amplifier connecting to a speaker. After dialing the extension number associated with the Overhead Paging system (and an optional password check), the caller can begin speaking immediately.

8x8 supports multiple Overhead Paging extensions within a virtual PBX. Virtual Office subscribers can install Overhead Paging Systems in different zones and have specific extension numbers for each zone. The Virtual Office Overhead Paging solution is not an intercom system, as it only supports one-way announcement.

8x8 Virtual Office Overhead Paging works with paging systems that have a standard analog phone input (Tip and Ring). Requires the purchase of an 8x8-certified adapter.


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