Direct Phone Numbers

Each 8x8 extension includes its own unique direct inbound dial (DID) telephone number. 8x8 allows you to choose your number from any of the available rate centres and area codes within those centres, regardless of where your 8x8 phone will be physically located. So you can pick a phone number with an area code that’s right for you. Rate centre selection does not affect your 8x8 calling rates.

Choosing your phone number

When you place your order, you can choose your number from any available rate centre and area code within it. Consider the following as you choose your number.

  • Consider choosing a number that is local to those who call you the most
  • If you are trying to project a regional or local presence, you can choose a number that is local to that area. You don’t have to be located there to have a local number!
  • If you are trying to project a unified “headquarters” presence, you may want all your numbers to come from a single rate centre and area code, so it appears that all employees are based at the main location (regardless of their actual location). We can usually provide consecutive numbers on request during the setup process by making a quick call into 8x8 Customer Support.

Can I keep my old phone number?

Yes. With 8x8 business phone service, you can request that your number be “ported” free of charge, with our Number Porting Process at anytime during the initial order process or even after you have become an 8x8 subscriber, as long as you maintain phone service for the number you want to transfer.

We can port most numbers in as little as ten business days from receiving the order with all correct information and documentation. Toll-free number porting generally takes two to five weeks. During the process, you can view your number portability status and updates by logging into your 8x8 Account Manager.

During the porting process, 8x8 will provide a temporary phone number that is your option to keep. After your number has ported to 8x8, you should contact your old phone service confirm that they have closed your old account.


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