8x8 Barge-Monitor-Whisper is an add-on service that enables office managers and supervisors to monitor phone conversations of employees on an 8x8 PBX with customers or others.

Whether it is to ensure quality of customer service, or to coach new agents during a conversation, or to interrupt a live call for an emergency, 8x8 Barge-Monitor-Whisper gives you the advanced functionality of a sophisticated call centre solution, allowing you to monitor and barge into calls.


Use 8x8 Barge-Monitor-Whisper to:

  • Ensure professional quality of customer service or customer support.
  • Train new agents live during a phone call.
  • Assist sales agents in negotiating a sales deal.
  • Enable receptionists, admins, others to monitor then barge-into live calls for important or emergency interruptions
8x8 Virtual Office Barge-Monitor-Whisper Fetaure Diagram

Ways to Use Barge-Monitor-Whisper

Front Desk Receptionist: If there is a high priority call for an employee who is currently busy on another call, the receptionist could barge in and inform the user of the important call.
Sales Team Supervisor/Call Centre Supervisor: Supervisors can silently listen to agents’ calls with customers or others to ensure high quality of service or sales is delivered, and barge in to calls when necessary as a 3-way conference call to rescue or assist the transaction.
Group Trainer: A group trainer can listen to calls handled by group members, coach them live about phone etiquette during a call—either whispering to them during the call or advising them after the call.

Barge-Monitor-Whisper Features


A third party (Supervisor) can silently monitor a two-party call made by or answered by an 8x8 PBX user (Agent) on a conversation with an external party(Customer). No audible sound would alert the agent or the customer that the conversation is being monitored.


A supervisor silently monitoring a call between an agent and a customer can privately speak to the agent, without the customer hearing the discussion. When the whisper feature is activated, the supervisor can begin speaking to the agent. This is one-directional audio from supervisor to agent. The customer will not hear the whisper. Both supervisor and agent can hear the customer.


A supervisor who is silently monitoring a call decides to enter the conference bridge, joining what then becomes a full three-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other.

Barge-Monitor-Whisper Quick Reference Guide

Barge-Monitor-Whisper User Guide


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