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The Caller Info pop-up feature in 8x8 Work for Desktop displays incoming calls with customer record details on your computer screen, so you can provide personalized client experience.

Use the Caller Info pop-up feature for eAgent in 8x8 Work to automatically retrieve customer records for quick reference.

Save time and increase productivity.


  • View a pop-up while an incoming call is still ringing, or only have the pop-up appear once you answer the call.
  • Your URL and selected number format are saved automatically; all incoming calls you receive are accompanied by a caller pop-up in your browser.
  • Screen pop-ups provide immediate access to the eAgent customer information to deliver personalized discussion
  • Instantly update your eAgent contacts during a phone call
  • Make calls directly from your web browser or web pages with Highlight to Dial (Windows Only) or 8x8 Web Dialer (Chrome users)


  • X Series license
  • eAgent license

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