All forms of communication make business happen. Without the interactions that take place during video meetings, chats, and phone calls many sales cycles would be delayed and project deadlines would be missed. Video meetings in particular can be a powerful means of advancing a conversation, building consensus, and sharing information. Screen sharing is an important component of collaboration during video meetings. Often content must be shared to collaborate on documents, receive feedback and give instructions. Accordingly, the best way to move projects forward is to leverage screen sharing capability to ensure all parties are on the same page and have the same understanding of the topic at hand.

As a provider of collaboration tools, we want these interactions to be easy and available to everyone in the organization. In terms of video conferencing, this means supporting all types of meetings and workstyles. We support large meetings and make it easy to escalate a chat to a video meeting without switching apps. These features are available to any user on any device, ensuring that everyone in the company has the same experience and the ability to maximize each interaction to be as productive as possible.

Use Cases Vary

Most of us have experienced video meetings where someone displayed a sales presentation or other content on their screen and talked over each slide. These types of meetings are the standard use case for screen sharing, but there are many other reasons and use cases. Conversations within the creative industries require each participant to share their video and screen to collaborate during team meetings. Educators use screen sharing during video meetings for lectures and to facilitate group discussions. In the healthcare industry, practitioners are increasing their use of video conferencing to conduct non-clinical care visits and appointments. In these scenarios, communication is not just one way - everyone in the meeting benefits from sharing their screen and video.

In remote or hybrid workplace office settings, since video and screen sharing is such an important part of collaborating during meetings, it follows that everyone across the organization should have access to these tools. Roles will vary, as will work styles. There are users who will operate entirely in-office and conduct all meetings and calls from their desktop computer. Others will use laptops as they float between their home and the office, while some team members work in the field or a warehouse and only use a mobile phone or tablet device. Cross-functional teams could and should have all of these varied work styles on the same project workgroup.

Accommodating Every Workstyle

In order to close communication gaps between disparate work styles, 8x8 Work delivers key collaboration functionality from one app. Video meetings are available to all users within 8x8 Work, with access for participants on browser, mobile device, and desktop apps. Screen sharing is also available to users via the mobile app. Employees who are on the go are able to use the mobile app to share video and share their screen, just like those users who are using a desktop device.

Mobile Screen Sharing


Mobile screen sharing allows users to present content from their mobile devices. Meeting participants can share their entire screen to present slides, discuss web content and display documents. Responsive websites will present in portrait mode and common productivity apps can be presented and even edited in real-time with input from the team - all from a mobile phone or tablet.

Giving users the power to engage in this manner helps teams work more closely together and faster by enabling everyone with the same tools. Users will not feel tethered to their desk if they can conduct productive meetings while in transit or even impromptu to respond to a customer request.

Getting Work Done with 8x8

IT teams need to meet their users where they are in terms of work styles and preferences. The ubiquity of mobile devices, work from anywhere initiatives, and teams that span time zones require tools that provide the same experience on any device in any location. Providing consistently high-quality audio is not enough when it comes to giving teams the communication tools they need to bring teams together and meet their goals. Employees need to have options to easily share video and other content from various devices to support the various ways they get work done.

8x8 Work supports businesses of all sizes, connecting teams around the globe. Our video conferencing solution allows participants to manage high-quality meetings that drive teams to meet company milestones. 8x8 video conferencing supports large meetings, video streaming, and meeting personalization features to provide our customers with the best meeting experience available from one app.

8x8 helps your teams do their best work together, visit our products page to learn more about how the 8x8 platform can transform your communications.