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VoIP Mobile App for Android

Get Your 8x8 Virtual Office phone extension to go…on Your Android smartphone and tablet.

Manage your business communications from anywhere

8x8 Virtual Office Mobile lets you take the most important functionality of 8x8’s Virtual Office PC & Mac tools (full business phone, online voicemail, video calling, chat, presence and fax) on the road. Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to make and receive calls using your 8x8 Virtual Office extension, and calls from your mobile device will display your business Caller ID.


Let’s Get Mobile

If you have an 8x8 Virtual Office extension, you’ve got Virtual Office Mobile! Why not give it a spin?

  • From your device, search for 8x8 Virtual Office in Google Play.
  • Download the 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile app to your device.
  • Enter your 8x8 login and password to activate the app.
  • Start making calls!


  • Save money—Make calls on your smartphone using your 8x8 calling plan so you save on long distance and international calls.
  • Save on minutes—Uses 4G, cellular calling plan or WiFi.
  • Save on international roaming—Avoid data roaming charges when outside the US by turning off data roaming and using WiFi hotspots; and since your calls are charged under your 8x8 calling plan, you won’t have international call roaming charges.


  • Use *88 to switch from desk phone to smartphone or to softphone during a live call. Your callers won’t even notice you changed devices!
  • Make calls from your company directory or personal contact list.
  • Never miss a call which can simultaneously ring on your mobile phone, PC or Mac and desk phone.
  • Make 3-way calls.
  • Put callers on Hold, Park, or Transfer them to other extensions.
  • One-button access to conference bridge, auto-attendant, and an audio quality testing service.
  • Set up call forwarding rules.
  • View voicemails in a list, review and delete messages in any order.
  • Check presence (busy, available, offline) and exchange instant messages with co-workers.
  • Make video calls to other 8x8 users.
  • View and delete faxes.*
  • Record any call.*
  • Works over 4G, cellular calling plan or WiFi.
  • Works with Android 2.0 or later.

* Requires a Virtual Office Pro account

User Guides

Note: Voice quality is subject to WiFi or 4G signal strength and available bandwidth.

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