VoIP Mobile App for iPhones, iPads

Get Your 8×8 Virtual Office phone extension to go…on Your iOS smartphone and tablet.

Manage your business communications from anywhere

8×8 Virtual Office Mobile lets you take the most important functionality of 8×8’s Virtual Office PC & Mac tools (full business phone, online voicemail, video calling, chat, presence and fax) on the road. Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to make and receive calls using your 8×8 Virtual Office extension, and calls from your mobile device will display your business Caller ID.


Let’s Get Mobile

If you have an 8×8 Virtual Office extension, you’ve got Virtual Office Mobile! Why not give it a spin?

  • From your device, search for 8×8 Virtual Office in the Apple App Store.
  • Download the 8×8 Virtual Office Mobile app to your device.
  • Enter your 8×8 login and password to activate the app.
  • Start making calls!


  • Save money—Make calls on your smartphone using your 8×8 calling plan, so you save on long distance and international calls.
  • Save on minutes—Use 4G, cellular calling plan or WiFi.
  • Save on international roaming—Avoid data roaming charges when outside the US by turning off data roaming and using WiFi hotspots. Since your calls are charged. under your 8×8 calling plan, you won’t have international call roaming charges.


  • Use *88 to switch from desk phone to smartphone or to softphone during a live call. Your callers won’t even notice you changed devices!
  • Make calls from your company directory or personal contact list.
  • Never miss a call which can simultaneously ring on your mobile phone, PC or Mac and desk phone.
  • Make 3-way calls.
  • Put callers on Hold, Park, or Transfer them to other extensions.
  • One-button access to conference bridge, auto-attendant, and an audio quality testing service.
  • Set up call forwarding rules.
  • View voicemails in a list, review and delete messages in any order.
  • Check presence (busy, available, offline) and exchange instant messages with co-workers.
  • Make video calls to other 8×8 users.
  • View and delete faxes.*
  • Record any call.*
  • Works over 4G, cellular calling plan or WiFi.
  • Works with iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

* Requires a Virtual Office Pro account.

To view a video demonstration of Virtual Office Mobile on the iPad, click here.

User Guides

The Virtual Office Mobile app is super simple to use. See how now.

  • Virtual Office Mobile User Guide for iPhone/iPad (PDF) (Online Help)

Note: Voice quality is subject to WiFi or 4G signal strength and available bandwidth.