What To Look For in a Text Messaging Service Provider

Finding the right text messaging service provider for your business can help your organization collaborate and reach marketing goals---it all depends on what you need from a text messaging app and how you plan to use it. Messaging can boost your business and encourage further growth, assuming you have the right text messaging provider for your organization's needs.

In this article, you can read more about enterprise text messaging and how your business can benefit from messaging apps. You'll also see which features can benefit your organization.

Using a Text Messaging Service Provider

Text messaging providers are becoming more popular for businesses looking to collaborate and communicate with customers. Of course, the messaging provider needs to be a great fit for your organization. There are a variety of different features and types of functionality your organization may choose from, so carefully consider how you plan to use your app before making a final decision.

Desirable text messaging app features may include:

  • Affordable cost: Consider how much your organization would have to pay to get and keep access to the service. Sometimes, a per-message price is charged, or your plan may offer a specific number of messages.
  • Low bounce rate: Messages that don't arrive to your recipients are simply a waste of your organization's time and resources. Find a vendor who offers a low bounce rate and is able to demonstrate that claim, and you'll likely save money and be more successful at reaching recipients in the process.
  • Integrations: If you need to use software integrations with your text messaging tool, then find a messaging platform that offers the right integrations. It's best if your messaging software works with rather than against the other software you use, so be sure to ask your vendor about integrations if they're important to you.
  • Coverage locations: Check and make sure your text messaging provider covers the area you plan to message. Since coverage areas can differ and some companies do send messages to international numbers, you will want to make sure your provider does provide the right coverage.
  • Compatibility with your call center software: If you're using an existing communications platform, you may want to consider a text messaging tool that is either part of your platform or is fully compatible with it.

Make sure your plan offers the features and coverage your organization needs. At many vendors, too, it's easy to switch plans if you find that another plan would suit your needs better.

How To Choose a Text Messaging Service Provider

As you do your research, you can identify features and functionality that is important to you and begin choosing a text messaging provider who fits your organization's needs. Set your own specific criteria and see if you can make a list of VoIP vendors who provide the right combination for you.

You may need to follow a process as you shop for text messaging providers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Write down features: Think about what's most important to your business and write these features down.
  • Involve the team: People who will be frequently using the software may have useful opinions and ideas for your search. Be sure to ask them. You may even want to create a committee and empower them with the authority to make the final decision or submit a list of finalists for management to choose from. Or, have them help develop questions for vendors and create a list of priority features.
  • Ask questions: Interview each vendor about the features and benefits, then rank them based on answers.
  • Ask colleagues: Look to others in your industry and ask what they use for text messaging.
  • Test drive: If possible, ask for a live demonstration or trial of the software so your team has a chance to compare the service.

Before you know it, you should be able to come up with a good list of finalists to consider.

Getting Started with Enterprise Text Messaging

Enterprise text messaging can enable your business to accomplish more, communicate more effectively throughout the organization, and reach customers. Messaging apps help companies collaborate by allowing them to send text messages to others who have messaging apps or even to phones directly. To find the right text messaging provider, it may help to have a process and spend time looking with help from the team.

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