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In February, 2010, ExportAction moved offices so that they could upgrade their technology and provide better service to their clients. They chose 8x8, Inc. as their communications provider and ExportAction, as well as each of their clients, have enjoyed the benefits.

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There are many ways to export to new markets. You can use manufacturer’s reps, wholesalers or sales agents. But, with recent developments in communications technology, it is also possible to sell direct with a local presence – even if you’re not local. The costs are low and the results high. ExportAction, based in Clearwater, Florida, helps UK companies achieve these results.

Betty Welker is the Client Relations Executive for ExportAction. She’s responsible for developing systems that help their UK clients set up sales offices in the US. “We help them get their company organized legally, we provide marketing support, consulting services, customer service and an established office so that when they come to America, they have a place of business,” says Betty. “We also get them toll-free numbers and local telephone service within the right area code for their customer base. And then we answer those lines as our client would.”

Most of ExportAction’s clients are in the IT business and appreciate good quality technology. But its phone provider was not meeting those expectations. In 2010, ExportAction found 8x8, Inc. and their communications system improved overnight.

“Though we’re based in Florida, I can assign any area code the client wants to a number. This helps them have a local presence wherever they want in the country,” says Betty. “And with 8x8 VoIP phones, clients can accept calls wherever they are in the world and easily forward the phones back to me to answer whenever they want. They also receive their voice messages via email.”

Betty Welker, Client Relations Executive - Export Action

“Ultimately, 8x8 Virtual Office has linked all of us together in a way that we have more control and flexibility for our clients. I really, really love this system.”

Betty Welker,
Client Relations Executive at ExportAction

The benefits of the 8x8 Virtual Office are even greater for ExportAction’s own operations. “Before we moved, our phone service was very limited and it took days to add a phone number. With 8x8 Virtual Office, we have enhanced services available that cater to our unique needs and provide better service for our clients. We also save money: $600 to $800 per month.” Betty recently installed an 8x8 phone in their London office so calls can be answered if the US office is closed for any reason. “Ultimately, 8x8 Virtual Office has linked all of us together in a way that we have more control and flexibility for our clients. I really, really love this system.”

ExportAction has recently branched beyond the IT market to help clients in a variety of sectors enter the American market.


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