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Cheryl Kamen
Apr 06, 2020

Great App, whether working remotely or working with staff at multiple locations. Holds contacts. Gives option of phoning or texting coworkers. Tracks calls made & missed and also houses voieman for quick & easy response. Used it at work & now from home and recommend it.

Dan B.
Apr 06, 2020

We’ve been using 8×8 for more than 5 years now and we are very happy with their service. 8×8 has the BEST VoIP services available in our experience. We work with one their best Sales Representatives, who is extremely helpful with any and all issues that may come up from time to time. As an authorized reseller for 8×8, we are able to troubleshoot and resolve most issues ourselves, but we do not encounter many issues overall.

Andy F.
Apr 06, 2020

Switching to 8X8 from Grasshopper has been easy and their soft phone app for both the PC and mobile phone have been a great feature added to our company. Customer service is very informative and knowledge about their systems and hardware. We are very happy with the service and all the features this system has . The mobile part makes it really valuable to our operation.

Garrett M.
Apr 06, 2020

My company has been a 8×8 customer for over 12 years. The 8×8 platform has been able to handle every requirement as we have scaled from one to three locations. The system provides everything we need, from inbound call handling to overhead paging in our warehouses. Any problems that we have had with the service have been attributable to our internet provider.

Matthew Hartley
Apr 05, 2020

They do some things great, and are bad at others. Decent basic phone system, but customer support is non-existent. We tried to record calls, but it creates a 3-5 second dead space at the beginning of every call. There’s no fix according to 8x8. Their analytics are straight out of 1980 - not user friendly and no automatic daily reports. Because of the problems we had three different customer service reps said they would let us out of our contract, but three months later I’m still waiting for management to sign off. Try ring central or Nextiva. They are much much better.

Citrine Investors Group
Apr 04, 2020

Very much needed improvement! Great job!

Scott Morgan
Apr 03, 2020

Sales process was quick and easy. I received the phones and account information in a matter of a few days. Staging the phones was quick and we were up and running in no time.

James Nash
Apr 03, 2020

Useful tool in these trying times, allowing me to stay home and continue working remotely, whilst retaking all the benefits of my land-line number and contacts book

David D.
Apr 03, 2020

We have been with 8×8 for a couple of years now, and we LOVE working with them. Their phone service is top-notch, as is their support staff. We switched from a competitor to 8×8, and the process was easy and seamless. We appreciate all of the features they provide. You won’t be disappointed with 8×8!

Dan Balter
Apr 03, 2020

8x8 is the best VoIP provider in the industry based on my own personal experience. 8x8 has succeeded where other VoIP providers failed for our needs. They offer great pricing and some excellent promotions for signing up. I highly recommended 8x8 for all your VoIP telecommunications needs.

Get a business phone system today!
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