8x8 Work Meetings for Google Chrome

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EnglishUS, UK, AUS, NZ, IEFreeVideo Conferencing

Easily schedule 8x8 Work Meetings in any calendaring application in a Google Chrome Browser.

The 8x8 Work Meetings for Google Chrome allows you to add meetings to any browser-based calendaring application.


  • Set your meeting link as the meeting location
  • Automatically include all call-in details and URLs (and meeting passwords)
  • Invite attendees from your contact list
  • Allow participants to join with just one click
  • Ability to create passwords for your meeting space to control who has access
  • Encryption (by default) for all your meetings
  • High quality audio and video


  • X Series license
  • Google Chrome

Security and Compliance

Developer: 8x8, Inc.

Location: United States of America

Terms of Service: 8x8 Terms and Conditions and Policies

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