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App-switching can be a real drag in terms of productivity and overall experience.

With 8x8 Work for Salesforce, you don’t need to switch apps at all. Ever.

Leverage your existing Salesforce investment by enabling 8x8’s powerful communications suite to effortlessly connect with your customers … right from within Salesforce. Automate workflows and redundant tasks, streamline work and drastically improve the experience for both your customers and your employees.

Use Salesforce to click to dial from any account, contact, opportunity, lead or case

Effortlessly integrate calling into any Salesforce campaign

Get immediate context for every call by popping the relevant Salesforce record, so you always know who you’re talking with

Automate call event logging and recording for every call, attach notes and schedule follow-ups

Personalize every moment of engagement with your customers with 8x8 Work for Salesforce.


Integrated collaboration

  • Link calls to accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and more
  • Click to dial right from within Salesforce
  • Receive screen pops with customer details for incoming and outgoing calls
  • See other employees’ presence, chat and make transfers
  • Record any conversation

Enhanced workflows

  • Create call notes to an account, contact, lead, or opportunity at any time
  • Add follow-ups during or after a call
  • Review “unworked” calls that need logging
  • Search Salesforce for call related activity information and notes for any customer

Task automation

  • Automated call information logged with every call
  • Automated attachment of recording links with every call


  • X Series license
  • Salesforce Professional license or above

Security and Compliance

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Location: United States of America

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