Salesforce Integration

8x8 Complete Contact Center works with to maximize your agents' productivity.

8x8 Complete Contact Center works with to maximize your agents' productivity.

8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce

Virtual Office for Salesforce enhances your team’s effectiveness by creating one system of engagement within Salesforce. The quick-to-deploy integration provides your team with the ability to make, take and transfer calls within Salesforce, delivering a frictionless experience in every engagement. The features enable increased responsiveness and less admin with more support and selling.

Check out Virtual Office for Salesforce on AppExchange.

Improve communication workflow and collaboration

The Virtual Office for Salesforce frees your IT team from unnecessary workloads and offers the enhanced communication experience to the user. As the primary communications application, the Virtual Office Communications Panel for Salesforce enables the user to:

  • Assign call notes to an account, contact, lead, or opportunity at any time
  • Create follow-ups during or after a call
  • Auto-log any received call and record conversations
  • View presence and start a chat, or warm transfer
  • Monitor conversations and whisper coaching tips
  • Search Salesforce for records and associated call notes
  • Review “unworked” calls that need logging

Personalize every moment of engagement

The integration of Virtual Office within Salesforce offers you and your team the ability to sync up communications and customer relationship management easily into a single platform. With Virtual Office for Salesforce, you can:

  • Click to dial within Salesforce
  • Receive screen pops of customer details
  • Quickly log calls and notes to Salesforce accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Create tasks and log previous calls
  • See presence and chat, and make transfers

8x8 Contact Center for Salesforce

By combining the power of Salesforce Service Cloud or Salesforce Sales Cloud with 8x8 Contact Center, your business can radically improve how customers are served. 8x8 and Salesforce have partnered to provide a cloud-based integration that combines the strengths of the two products out-of-the-box. Instead of requiring months of integration services, start serving your customers better in days!

Check out 8x8 Contact Center for Salesforce on AppExchange.

Enhance customer relationships with Salesforce and 8x8

  • Single Sign-on: Make life easier and more efficient for your agents by allowing them to sign on only once and be logged into both solutions. This also saves significant IT costs and support hassles as well.
  • Match customers to the right agent: Use Contact Center's smart routing capabilities to ensure customers get routed to the agent who can best solve their problem.
  • Arm agents with the right information: Pop customer information directly to the agent's Salesforce browser based on the caller's phone number or other information gathered in the IVR.
  • Better data: Deliver critical information to people who need it with consolidated reporting and administrative information.
  • Integration with Salesforce Classic and Lightning: 8X8 Contact Center supports integration with both the Classic as well as the Lightning Experience platforms and desktop environments.
  • Console and non-Console: Whether you are using the Console capabilities or not, 8x8's integration fits seamlessly into the Salesforce environment providing an intuitive interface that makes it easier for your employees to do their jobs.

Look and feel of integration with Salesforce Console

Look and feel of integration with Salesforce for all modules when Console isn’t being used

Consolidated reporting for insight into the full customer journey

8x8 Contact Center writes key information on each customer interaction into Salesforce giving you new insight into the full customer experience including not only just the various support steps, but the different customer interactions along the way. The 8x8 Salesforce integration gives you unprecedented insight into how you are treating your customers. See how long it took to bring an issue to closure and the steps involved in that process, including how many different times the customer contacted you via a variety of different channels.

Compatible with the following Salesforce editions:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Performance

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