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Easily integrate 8x8 Contact Center into Copper to create a unified agent experience and a more seamless one for your customers. This Chrome extension adds 8x8 Contact Center capabilities within Copper:

  • Integrated search across leads, opportunities, contacts, cases, and organizations.
  • Easy call management with the ability to make, take and transfer calls without toggling between multiple applications.
  • Instant caller information with caller details presented before connecting.
  • Automatic logging of call and chat details are provided after every interaction


  • Unified Search
  • Searches across: Accounts, Contacts, Leads
  • Search on: Name, Email address, Phone number
  • Instant caller information: For inbound or outbound calls, the account record is automatically presented before the connection
  • Auto call logging: Once the call is ended, a task is created that includes the relevant call details
  • A link to the call recording is also provided if one was made
  • The information is automatically added to the account record


  • X Series X6 or above
  • Copper license

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Developer: 8x8, Inc.

Location: United States of America

Terms of Service: 8x8 Terms and Conditions and Policies

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