Supplement to Data Protection Appendix for 8x8 Video Meetings and 8x8 Video Meetings Pro

(Last updated on Apr 30, 2020)

This Supplement to Data Protection Appendix for 8x8 Video Meetings and 8x8 Video Meetings Pro is supplemental to, and a part of, the United Kingdom and Europe Supplement to 8x8 Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Centre Regional Terms (the “Europe Supplement”) and the Regional Terms.

The Data Protection Appendix within the Europe Supplement shall be deemed amended and supplemented to include the following subject-matter description for 8x8 Video Meetings and 8x8 Video Meetings Pro services. For avoidance of doubt, the other rows of such Data Protection Appendix shall be deemed to apply to any 8x8 Video Meetings or 8x8 Video Meetings Pro Ordered SaaS Services.

8x8 Video Meetings/8x8 Video Meetings Pro*
Subject-matter 8x8 Video Meetings/8x8 Video Meetings Pro enables its customers (and their agents and other end users) to host video meetings. Participants can join a video meeting over the Internet, which enables participation in the meeting with video and audio. In addition, participants can join the meeting via telephone access number or via an outbound call initiated by the meeting host. Telephonic connections enable audio participation in the meeting only. Participants can also communicate via chat messages within the meeting and share their computer screen with other meeting participants. Video meetings may be recorded or livestreamed over the Internet. Users can save computer screen shares for later access. 8x8 Video Meetings/8x8 Video Meetings Pro also enables creation of subtitles and meeting transcripts. Meeting content like transcripts, chat messages, and saved screen shares can be shared with non-participants. Meeting administrators can also view information about meeting participants like time each participant spent speaking or whether participant shared his or her computer screen.
Nature/purpose of processing Provision and support of such Ordered SaaS Services, as set out in the Agreement. Agents and other end users may transmit, receive, and/or store through such Ordered SaaS Services audio, textual, visual, and video content in the form of video meetings, recordings of video meetings, Chat communications within meetings, meeting transcripts, device screen shares or captures, and photo shares or captures.
Type of Personal Data Name, contact details; Personal Data regarding communications activity and preferences and usages of such Ordered SaaS Services; location data (IP addresses, telephone numbers) of users accessing such Ordered SaaS Services; Chat message content; any Personal Data voluntarily disclosed by the user or third party with whom Agents and other end users communicate. Calendar information if Agents or other end users link their calendars to such Ordered SaaS Service.