Financial Software Provider Trusts 8x8 to Deliver a Global CX Vision

Intralinks, Inc. is a virtual data room software provider to financial services, banking, deal making and capital markets. Prominent global organizations, including 99% of the FORTUNE 1000, are among its high profile customers. Over two million users in 45 countries rely on Intralinks to keep deals flowing.

The challenge: Customer experience suffered from poor call quality

When Intralinks users needed technical support, they called one of Intralinks’ 110 global numbers to reach a call center operated by IntegrityNet. Each call was routed through an analog Nortel switch in New York to IntegrityNet’s all-digital SIP contact center in the Philippines. The conversion from analog to digital degraded call quality, sometimes to the point where agents couldn’t hear callers. Customer complaints were rolling in.

“We had two systems that couldn’t talk to each other,” says Brian Court, Director of End User Support for Intralinks. Customer satisfaction ratings were in the mid 80s, falling short of their minimum CSAT goal of 90%.

“We had the agents, the skills, the training and the ability to provide top quality support,” he says, “but we didn’t have the technology to communicate effectively with our users.”

Old hardware limited more than just the call center

All Intralinks employees across its nine office locations relied on analog switches and outdated software. The only way to scale up or add new features was to replace those systems. Keeping them running was costing $130,000 annually. Replacing them would cost three times that.

“In our Sydney office we could not add even one more phone to the system,” recalls Sarah Harvey, Senior Global Telecommunications Analyst for Intralinks. “And the PBX in the New York office was at end-of-life; there was so much that it could not do. It was a nightmare.”

“It was obvious that we had to start looking for a replacement solution,” says Mr. Court. “Not another traditional analog switch, but a voice-over-IP, cloud-based system.”

The solution: 8x8 stands out as the best option for Intralinks

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