What are Portal Videos?

Video calls and conferencing are convenient ways to communicate in real time with colleagues, employees, and business partners. But sometimes, it is more convenient to use recorded videos to enhance business communication and collaboration.

Portal videos are recorded videos that are available through a portal for later viewing. This capability has applications across many functions, which we will discuss here.

Using Portal Videos for Internal Communications

One of the most straightforward ways to use portal videos is for internal communications purposes. As a company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to get all employees together at the same time, or even an entire leadership team. Recorded videos make it easier for everyone.

For example, a company CEO could record an investor presentation, quarterly business update meeting, or company-wide announcement for all employees. These could be viewed from a central portal at any later date. This helps all employees stay informed about high-level company activity and strategy.

Using Portal Videos for Internal Training

Developing employees is critical for any business, and many mid to large businesses have formal and informal internal training programs.

Using portal videos is one of the best ways to provide high-quality, low-cost training to employees. There are multiple types of training videos that are easy to create:

  • Screen recordings for technical trainings
  • Recordings of live presentations by leadership or subject matter experts
  • PowerPoint style presentations

Each type of video has value for different types of training. Using portal videos also ensures a consistent onboarding and ongoing training experience. Trainings can be for all employees, for example, how to enter vacation time into an HR system, or it can be for a specific team, for example, how to enter customer information into a CRM tool.

Internal portal videos can also be employee-created, enabling employees to easily share information with colleagues. For example, if a data and analytics team creates a sales dashboard, the dashboard creator could record a video of how to use the dashboard to share with sales.

Using Portal Videos for User Guides

One of the most popular customer-facing ways to incorporate portal videos is through user guides for products, especially technology products and software.

Video is a much more effective way to instruct users and customers on a product or software because it can “show” instead of just “tell”. It can also be used in tandem with written instructions to further clarify how to do a specific action.

Any product with a software component is easy to do a video tutorial or guide through screen recording. Other product tutorials are slightly more difficult because they require additional equipment and typically another person (one to record, and one to demonstrate a product), but the payoff in customer experience, customer satisfaction, and even customer acquisition is worth the effort.

For more information on how to create a good video tutorial, you can read this how-to guide.

General customer service is another good way to use external portal videos. Instead of specific user guides or product tutorials, customer service videos are for general customer service and FAQs, such as navigating a website.

Using Portal Videos for External Communications and Marketing

Videos are a unique and engaging way to communicate with the market. Facebook and YouTube have made video marketing the norm. But many videos are more than just one-time ads.

Portal videos are a way to gather videos in one place on a website for potential customers to view, similar to a company blog. There are many potential external video types that could be valuable in a portal:

  • Customer Testimonials and Success Stories
  • Product Demonstrations (similar to direct sales TV commercials)
  • “Behind the Scenes”, e.g., how a product is made
  • Corporate charitable giving, e.g., how the company is giving back to their community
  • Live event recordings

By giving these videos a home on a company’s main website, these videos can get repeat views and drive additional sales, from both new and repeat customers.

Portal Videos are a Unique Way to Enhance your Business Communications

Portal videos can be used in a wide variety of ways across your business, both internally and externally. They can streamline internal communication and improve the customer experience, all through improving the connections between employees and customers.

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