Industry Standards for Contact Centers

Every industry uses contact centers a bit differently, although there are some common uses across many industries. Contact centers allow companies to more effectively manage their communications. As such, it is important for organizations to have the contact center that fits their needs and industry demands.

Some organizations have key compliance issues they face, too, making it even more important to have a contact center solution that is a good fit for the company. Highly-regulated industries in particular are more likely to have stringent standards for their call centers.

What are Industry Standards for Contact Centers?

Depending on the industry, every company may have different contact center needs. Even very similar organizations can be relatively distinct, meaning each industry may need a custom contact center solution. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) vendors can help organizations find the right contact center solution for them.

What Should You Look for in a Contact Center?

If your company has specific contact center industry standards, then these needs may dictate what you look for in a CCaaS vendor. This is highly dependent on the type of industry you're in.

For instance, industries that are tightly regulated by governments are typically very interested in maintaining compliance with these regulations. As such, they need software that can support these goals.

What Should You Look for in Contact Center Software?

You should outline your top goals first. What performance areas in your existing call center do you want to improve? If you're starting a new call center, what do you hope to accomplish with it? This will help you determine what to look for in contact center software. Some companies place a high priority on closely-managing their call center metrics and need to emphasize their reporting systems, for example.

What Do Different Industries Need in Contact Center Software?

What your industry needs depends on a variety of factors such as how you use your contact center, whether you face tight regulation, and what your goals are.

Here are a few examples of industry-specific needs:

  • Healthcare: Because of HIPAA (The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), healthcare organizations in the US are required to have secure, private communications protecting patient data and confidentiality.
  • Retail: Many retail store chains have a large number of stores in different locations. A cloud-hosted communications system in one location can receive calls and manage inbound customer service contacts for the entire chain, so individual stores don't have a worry about it.
  • Public 911 centers: Many 911 services are outsourced by local communities to call centers. They need highly-reliable communications with special security and data features to help agents do their jobs successfully and transfer the right information to first responders.

All industries, of course, want the basics---a corporate phone system that works provides key metrics and is scalable to their needs with the right software and support.

Getting Started with Contact Center Software for Your Industry

Finding the right vendor for your industry may mean talking to a few different providers to see who has the most experience and knowledge of your business. It's helpful sometimes to prepare questions in advance and ask to speak with references. You can also see if they have any case studies about successfully helping a customer who's in your industry.

Once you've found the right vendor, they can help you get the equipment and software you need to meet your industry-based goals. Some industries, particularly ones that experience a lot of government regulation or have uncommon challenges, need more customized products and services that adapt to their business operations. For instance, 911 call centers have their own call center performance standards needing higher uptimes. Every industry has different needs and it's important to find a vendor that understands the work you do. The software and solution you choose should fit your specific industry, goals, and customer base.

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