Hosted Contact Centers: How They Deliver More for Less

Call centers have gone through several technological changes throughout the years. They first used telephones to converse with customers and then along the line, gained the added functionalities of using a computer in tandem with the phone. Recent developments have made it possible for call centers to ditch telephone hardware completely for a fully computer operated ecosystem, complete with multimedia options, in other words, Contact centers. Now, there is a new frontier, a telephony model that has all the perks of contact centers minus the steep hardware requirements – Hosted contact centers.

Imagine customer care services and you’ll quickly visualize a customer care execute at the other end of the telephone. But the current scenario is totally different. Modern call centers do not use telephones and leverage communication through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Contact centers further add the freedom of using multimedia communication channels with call centers.

But this solution has a disadvantage which comes in the form of requiring expensive hardware and the maintenance cost that comes along with it.

Hosted contact center provides the best solution to this problem. They have their processing handled by the service providers themselves. There is no need to maintain complex and costly hardware on site, in essence, a truly off-premise system.

What Makes Hosted Contact Center So Attractive?

Flexible: New companies or existing call centers can easily choose a transition to a hosted call center because of its low upfront set up costs. By eliminating processing hardware out of the equation, the initial capital needed to set up the contact center is significantly reduced. And, the “hosted” part ensures that even if there is no onsite hardware, tasks can be performed with even more effectively when compared to regular contact centers.

Scalable: Scalability is a real concern for any technology that is being used in a company. Because as the company grows, the technology needs to be improved or upgraded to meet the new demands. With traditional contact centers or call centers, this means more hardware to be added to the office space, raising the overall costs again. However, this is not the case with hosted contact centers. Since the hardware side of things is operated remotely by the service provider. The company can simply request more computing power and storage without having to buy costlier servers. Hence, scalability is never a problem with hosted services.

Pay as you go: With hosted services, the customers need to only pay for what they use for how long they use it. If a company decides to stop using the hosted service, it can do so without any loss because the company has not invested any costly hardware like servers or switches. Pay as you go plan strategy is also very digestible for new and budding businesses alike because of the low upfront costs and requirements.

The Perfect Blend Between Hardware And Software, Maintained Offsite

The hosted contact center software is intuitive and inquisitive enough to create reports and manage digital services, making the whole experience easy for agents and supervisors alike. Features like ticket creation, caller identification, report creation, etc. make the software a constant companion to both agents and supervisors.

Also, since the software is hosted remotely, upgrades and updates can be done with minimal or no lag at all. The best part is that the businesses do not require taking time out to update the software as the service provider does it for them on the go. This facility ensures that there is no breakage in service.

The “hosted” process is possible through the Internet. Unlike conventional telephony, hosted contact centers use the Internet to send and receive data rather than depend on analog telephone wires. The benefits are obvious as calls will connect quickly and agents will have digital communication channels like web chat, messaging, email, fax etc. at their disposal.

A virtual contact center is similar to the hosted contact center that equips businesses with better customer service capabilities but through the aid of a cloud. The use of cloud service thus results in greater flexibility, scalability as well as the security of a contact center. Today, most hosted contact center service providers use a cloud to host their software.

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