Understand a Contact Center Services Learning Module

When thinking about the customer experience, it's important to note that training your agents is just as critical as improving the customer journey. In order to provide the best quality customer experience, your live agents need to be trained on how best to utilize the contact center services and software. Contact center learning modules are most appropriate for training your live agents in how to get the best out of the contact center software. Here are five ways learning modules benefit your live agent training. But first, let's take a look at what this all means.

What is a Contact Center Services Learning Module?

A contact center services learning module is a library of information organized into sections to provide training for your agents and other team members on a variety of topics. The learning modules could teach employees about the company culture, company policies, history, mission, and core values. It's really up to you what you want to use your contact center learning module for. But implementing one could help your company in a number of ways - and not just in the contact center.

How Does a Contact Center Services Learning Module Work?

A contact center services learning module works by organizing information into several sections called modules and allowing users to complete the "course" or set of modules on their own schedule. Self-paced courses are popular among many online education providers because they give the students the opportunity to go at their own speed and to truly take their time to learn the material.

The Benefits of Learning Modules

Here are five ways a contact center services learning module can benefit your company.

  • Gives Agents a Basic Corporate Education:  Learning modules can help you acclimate employees to your corporate culture and give an overall snapshot of what they can expect while working for you. You can include information such as workplace rules and policies, vacation and paid time off, benefits, payroll, information on breaks, and more. Throw in any information you think would be useful for your team to know.
  • Improves Customer Retention: If every one of your agents is trained across the board on the same content, you'll be able to provide a more unified customer experience. A more unified customer experience leads to higher customer retention rates. Just think about it. A customer calls in and asks a question about a product they're thinking of buying from your company. An agent without access to a contact center learning module might have to switch back and forth between screens to get access to that information, wasting more time than needed serving one customer. Customers that have to wait too long usually aren't too thrilled to come back and spend more money with a company they've had a bad experience with.
  • Improves Systems and Processes: Learning modules can improve your company's systems and processes by providing assistance in streamlining them. With a library of content about how to fix common issues and sort out certain customer complaints, your agents will have the ability to provide a quick and easy resolution to your customers. This technology can also help give seasoned employees refresher courses without the hassle of putting together any additional materials or holding unnecessary meetings. It also helps you identify areas where agents might need more training.
  • Improves Agent Efficiency: Having learning modules in place helps improve agent efficiency because all of the information is in the contact center learning modules, in an easy-to-access format. Contact center learning modules help agents provide faster, higher quality service by making the information not only easy to find but searchable. If agents can simply search for the information they're looking for, they save time and themselves the trouble of sorting through large amounts of information.
  • Reduces Future Costs: Employing a contact center services learning module can help you save money in the future by requiring just a single investment that can be used over and over again, making it almost invaluable. Not only will you avoid printing up new training manuals each time you get new employees, but you also save time because once you set up your digital training modules. You also reduce the need for IT and additional equipment by employing a contact center services learning module.

What You Should Have in Your Learning Modules?

Your learning modules should be filled with a wealth of information about anything important related to your company. It should answer commonly asked employee questions and strive to touch base on any and every topic that might arise in the workplace. For example, it could contain information related to your product or service (such as features and benefits), training materials, company history, company mission, core values, company vision, HR information, payroll and benefits information, policies on lateness and absenteeism, information related to vacations and paid time off, and more. Anything you want your employees to be aware of should be included in the learning modules for easy access in the future.

A contact center services learning module can help you take your customer experience to the next level by providing agents with an easy-to-access solution to sub-par customer service. Demand better by considering a cloud-based solution like the one mentioned above.

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