Cloud Contact Center Server

The global cloud market is growing at a steady pace, and it’s showing no signs of cooling down. Likewise, contact centers are undergoing major transformations, and everything is moving to the cloud. The promise of improved efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, has empowered businesses to adopt cloud solutions in a bid to optimize customer service practices. That said, the emergence of cloud contact centers has not come as a surprise.

What is a cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center is hosted on a cloud-based server instead of the traditional on-premises hardware. It’s a unified, cloud-based point in a business from which customer interactions; from all channels, are handled. Cloud contact centers make customer interactions via live chat, email, social media, the web, and voice, accessible anytime, anywhere. They offer quick, stress-free access to all the services and features an enterprise needs to interact seamlessly in the web-based world.

It’s good to note that a cloud contact center is not a standalone application. It is a comprehensive continuum of applications, tools, and cloud-hosted services. These tools are designed to streamline customer interactions, agent management, sophisticated call routing, and more. An imperative component that helps to define the contact center is the contact center server.

What is a Cloud Contact Center Server?

To understand what a cloud contact server is, you must first comprehend the traditional contact center setup. Usually, an on-premise contact center is made up of major components, namely:

  • Telecommunication network
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Customer care agents

Of the four components, the telecommunication network is the most crucial. Basically, this component functions as the backbone, and it compromises multiple components such as a router, long distance carrier, modem, switch, public switched telephone network (PSTN), and the contact center server.

The call center server is the heart of the telecommunication network. It’s an essential component that handles all call activities, call center configurations and reporting. The on-premise contact center server is a technology tool that is typically hosted on a dedicated computer. The dedicated computer must meet or even exceed a set of software and hardware requirements, for the server to function flawlessly.

By now you understand what an on-premise contact center server is. The cloud contact center server is almost identical to its on-premise counterpart, in terms of functionality. However, the cloud contact center server software is not hosted on a special on-premise device. It is hosted in the cloud and businesses don’t have to conform to a set of hardware requirements.

Benefits of a Cloud Contact Server

The cloud contact center server delivers a myriad of benefits to businesses. With enhanced scalability, security, and efficiency, this solution provides a well-knit model that enables call centers to provision virtualized resources, dynamically. Some of its notable benefits include:

Easy to install and manage

The cloud contact center server is built for rapid deployment of essential contact center software. Businesses just need to choose their suitable package, confirm the required features, and pay. Then, in just hours, the necessary configurations are made, and the components that define contact center are operational. Besides, its cloud-based nature reduces the cost and stress of managing the entire system as in the case of on-premise contact center server.


Operating an on-premise contact center server is demanding. It requires a substantial upfront capital expenditure. However, this is not the case with the cloud contact center server. The cloud-based server is a cost-effective technology that cuts expenditure on hardware expenses, upfront costs, and software upgrade costs. Its pay as you go pricing model means you only pay for the server as it is being utilized.


Also, in terms of reliability, a cloud contact center server is a force to reckon with. It’s a robust component that is designed for redundancy and can deliver great reliability and availability. By moving all services to the cloud, it becomes easy to seamlessly handle all customer interactions with close to 100% uptime guarantee. It also facilitates comprehensive disaster recovery and eliminates the auxiliary and financial burden of managing an in-house disaster recovery system.

Increased business agility

Better still, a cloud contact center server increases business agility. It gives businesses the flexibility to incorporate new contact center features based on their short-term or long-term needs. It also empowers businesses to upscale or downscale customer service agents depending on the demand and the existing configurations. Moreover, it’s easy for a business to adjust agents’ cost if need be, without impacting the quality of customer service.


Cloud contact center server is a technology option that offers an escape route from the intricacy of on-premise servers. It is an incredible tool built for speed, flexibility, reliability, and innovation with low demands on financial and human resources for deployment and maintenance. This component is built for businesses looking to enhance contact center operations and deliver customer services with unprecedented efficiency.

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