Benefits of Contact Center Analytics Solutions

Companies have turned to contact centers to help address and streamline customer service. Contact centers strive to maximize efficiency throughout an organization while still providing a high level of customer care.

By implementing contact center analytics on top of your existing contact center you'll be able to improve the performance of your contact center and better serve your customers.

Learn what a contact center analytics solution is, and how it can improve your organization and customer relationships.

What is a Contact Center Analytics Solution?

Most contact centers will have built-in analytics solutions that will help to capture and analyze data related to your contact center. The types of metrics afforded you will depend on the contact center provider you’re using.

The biggest challenge to improving the quality and efficiency of your contact center is being able to capture the right data. Without data, you really have no idea of what is and isn’t working.

You can’t improve what you don’t track. With call center analytics software you can capture any essential data treated to operational efficiency and customer service. In time, you can use this to turn your contact center into a valuable business asset.

The Benefits of Implementing Contact Center Analytics

Successful contact centers that actually improve customer relationships and business operations are those that rely on analytics data. Without tracking and implementing the proper data you’re taking actions based upon guesswork. But, with the right analytics behind you, it’s easy to make the right decisions for your business and customers.

Here are two of the biggest benefits your organization will receive when implementing contact center analytics:

1. Improved Customer Experience

With contact center analytics you can improve your ability to handle customer requests over time. Not, only will you be able to offer a more personalized customer experience with the ability to access historical customer data, but you’ll be able to use analytics data to ensure you always have the right number of agents available.

2. Improved Cost Savings

The more efficient your contact center the more cost savings you’ll realize for your business. Not only will your agents get more done in less time. But, they’ll be able to offer a better customer experience while doing it. By being able to offer a high level of customer support you’ll be able to maximize revenue throughout your company. After all, a happy customer is much more likely to stay with you over the long term.

Types of Contact Center Analytics Data Available

There are multiple types of analytics data you can track in relation to your contact center. You might not need to track every type of data below, but instead just focus on the type of data that's most valuable for your business.

Here are the most common types of call center analytics data available to you:

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics makes it much easier to address call volume issues before they arise. By understanding the times when you experience peak call or contact volume, you'll be able to ensure you always have the right number of agents on call. This will help to elevate the quality of care you can provide, and reduce customer wait times across the board.

Real-time Call Analytics

By being able to review agent activity in real-time you can actually improve customer calls or interactions as they're taking place.

Beyond on-call analytics, you’ll also want a way to access call data in the future. This will allow you to analyze past calls, and help to reduce any recurring issues that your agents are experiencing. This will allow you to improve call scripts, implement agent training, and more.

Channel Use Analytics

If you have multiple customer service channels in place, you need to monitor each of these channels to see how your customers are using them at any given time. By understanding what channels your customers prefer to use you can optimize your agent time effectively while meeting your customer’s on the channels the prefer to use.

Text Analytics

Text analytics is growing in popularity, but it’s still not commonplace as of yet. Text analytics allows you to monitor written communication in a multitude of forms. This allows you to analyze both the language of your support team, along with the language your customers are using. This helps you gain a better perspective of how your customers view your company.

If you’re using a contact center, then this should have a positive impact on your bottom line and your customer relationships, but it's not guaranteed. But, with additional analytics software and monitoring, you'll be able to consistently improve the performance of your contact center.

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