Benefits of a Contact Center Agent Dashboard

Contact center solutions, such as cloud-based virtual contact centers, add a host of capabilities in customer-facing activities. These benefits include streamlining customer support through self-service options, skills-based routing, integration with customer relationship management and a host of other process improvements.

While the continually evolving functions of contact centers improve customer experience, they also provide invaluable insights and improvement opportunities for employees. One of the most useful features is a contact center agent dashboard. A dashboard is the best way for contact centers to have a complete and accurate, real-time view of call agent activity and performance. Multichannel communications and other tactics to improve customer experience can make gathering and analyzing employee metrics extremely complex. Let's look a bit closer at contact center agent dashboard benefits and how to optimize these solutions in your organization.

Contact Center Agent Dashboard Basics

At its most simple form, a contact or call center dashboard is an application add-on for an organization's customer communications solution. Through this system, customer service metrics can be viewed by management and employees to determine the performance of both individual agents and the call center as a whole. A dashboard presents key performance indicator (KPI) data, which helps organizations understand whether or not they are on track to meet objectives. KPIs can relate to numerous business activities, but as regards contact center data, the indicators cover a variety of calling and customer information. These include:

  • Average queue time
  • Average abandonment rate for customers who won't wait
  • Answer speed
  • Call duration
  • Number of calls waiting
  • Service level — or percentages of calls that get answered within a predefined goal
  • Each of these insights tells a story about the level of service being provided to customers. The abandonment rate is particularly insightful because it informs a company about the possibility of silent customer dissatisfaction. A business can lose customers who feel unable to voice concerns, whereas connecting to these customers can potentially resolve these issues.

Call Center Dashboard As An Employee Monitoring Tool

As much as contact center dashboard KPI provides a clear view of a company's customer support performance; it also can track other aspects of an agent's job. Customer experience is a broad concept that cannot always be directly measured, but rather can be influenced by several factors at the call agent level. For example, occupancy rate or the utilization rate measures talk time and after call work time. A high occupancy rate means that call agents are busy taking calls. But, analyzing this rate requires a deeper look. A sustained high occupancy rate can lead to agent burnout, while an extremely low rate can mean your call center is overstaffed.

Other metrics that can be measured through a call include employee scheduling concerns such as missed work days, and even such broader personnel issues as turnover rate. These insights can, in turn, relate back to occupancy rates. Again, high rates don't necessarily translate to higher productivity. For success, a call center needs a balance of productivity and job satisfaction. A call center dashboard can help companies zero in on performance trends that can ultimately impact customer experience, even if the data is not related directly to customer calls. A constant need to train new call agents can significantly erode customer experience.

Cloud Contact Center Software Agent Dashboards

How can organization's implement contact center agent dashboards? Fully integrated contact center solutions, such as 8x8's Virtual Call Center provide cloud-based calling solutions that are rich with analytics capabilities. Since it is cloud-based, you can experience real-time insights from anywhere. 8x8's cloud call center software features easy access through remote capabilities, including an iPad app. 8x8's ContactNow is an easy-to-use solution for smaller companies, while the Virtual Contact Center is fully-featured for larger enterprises.

The Virtual Contact Center provides visual and intuitive dashboard functions, so you have an instant understanding of call center performance. Eliminate guesswork, and ensure optimal customer experience with solutions that balance fast issue resolution with manageable workflows. In addition to quick snapshots, these solutions also provide the ability for in-depth reporting and advanced issue resolution. For those managers who are on the go, scheduled reports and deviation metrics can be delivered to management, wherever they may be.

Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center you get world class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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