Most Important Features for your Contact Center System

Your company’s contact center is a key customer touchpoint – but is your contact center system doing everything possible to support your business?

New technologies and contact center features streamline the call center experience, improving the customer experience and agent productivity. Here is a list of key contact center features and how they help support your business objectives:

Intelligent Routing and Call Queues

A good contact center system begins working before any agent picks up a customer phone call.

8x8’s call center solution helps get callers to the right person through a combination of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Skills-Based Routing, and Personal Agent Connect.

  • IVR uses prerecorded prompts plus keypad or voice entries to help direct inbound callers. It can provide prerecorded information, such as store hours, or can connect callers with a human agent based on inputs. IVR helps lower company costs by automatically answering common questions and directing callers to the right person for quicker response times.
  • Skills-based routing is a more advanced feature that matches inbound calls to the best internal contact. It can route based on agent skills, channel being used, and even priority of customers and types of problems.
  • Personal Agent Connect helps build connections between customer service and callers. It works in two ways: one, it allows agents to provide a direct callback number to customers; two, it connects repeat callers with their previous agent. Together, Personal Agent Connect boosts customer satisfaction and accelerates problem resolutions.

The other pre-call component of a contact center is the call queue. Implementing features such as Queued Callback and On-hold Recordings improve the hold experience.

  • Queued callback lets callers hold their place in line but receive a callback from an agent instead of sitting on the phone.
  • On-hold recordings can provide messages that answer frequently asked questions, highlight products and services, or promote special sales and events.

Together, all these features work to enhance the customer experience before a caller even speaks to an agent. And by speeding up resolution times and boosting UX, a contact center can lower costs and improve the business bottom line.

Supervisor/Agent Tools and Analytics

Contact center technologies also need to support the supervisors and agents using them. At 8x8, we believe that we have the best Agent Console and Agent Supervisor Tools to enable agent success.

  • Our Agent Console is easy to learn and efficient by connecting all needed information into one place. There is one interface for all channels, instant access to the FAQ Knowledgebase for consistent access to customer questions, CRM integration, and our Computer-telephony Integration (CTI) “pops” caller information to the agent screen as the call comes in, speeding up service time.
  • The Agent Supervisor Tools help supervisors manage agents through analytics, call recording, and schedule management. The information is available on an intuitive, color-coded, customizable analytics dashboard that enables supervisors to quickly assess performance and address problems, enhancing overall contact center performance.
  • 8x8 can even provide speech analytics to deliver automatic customer and agent insights based on actual contact center calls.

Data can provide the answers and insights today’s customer service teams need. 8x8’s suite of agent and supervisor tools give contact centers the ability to quickly access the information that will improve their performance.

CRM Integration

When your company’s CRM integrates with the contact center software, almost all your most important KPIs are impacted. Call time decreases, the first resolution rate increases and customer experience improves.

CRM integration puts the caller’s information right at your agents’ fingertips, automatically. Agents do not have to waste valuable call time opening another system and searching for customer information. All the data is integrated with the contact center system.

8x8 integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Zendesk, as well as our own proprietary 8x8 CRM solution.

Help your Contact Center Reach its Full Potential

Technology will power the call centers of the future. Companies need to empower their customers and their customer service agents with all of the tools possible to streamline interactions.

Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center you get world-class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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