Ways Help Desk Ticketing Software Can Boost Your Business

It is no secret that customer service plays a crucial role in any business. When conducted well it boosts sales opportunities and improves business competitiveness. However, for a small business with a growing customer base, dealing with concerns and questions such an increasing number of customers can sometimes be such a daunting task. This is where the Help Desk Ticketing Software comes in handy.

But what is Help Desk Ticketing Software?

Help Desk Ticketing Software as the name suggests is software that collects all customers’ questions and concerns from different communication channels like email, texts, phone, and social media and manages them in a single location as tickets. With a single source point of customer requests, customer service agents get to easily, sufficiently and quickly tackle customer request.

The software records and keeps track of the progress of the customer's questions and concerns, from receipt to resolution. This means an agent can access a customer's history record to know when and why the customer called and if they were served to satisfaction.

With such customer records, your business can understand your customer needs easily, which can help improve your business performance.

But how is the Help Desk Ticketing Software able to perform such tasks? Well, the answer is in its features, features that make the software great at what it does. Below are some of those features.

Help Desk Ticketing Software Features

  • Omnichannel support: This enables the access of customer questions and concerns from different communication channels, be it a phone, email or even social media.
  • Ticket automation: Automation means more work done quickly and efficiently. For example, you get a notification for a ticket response or routing a ticket to a specific user or any other function.
  • Track tickets history: This enables easy tracking of the progress of a project, support document for disputes, or trace the origin of a dispute.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) status information: This enables easy prioritization of tickets without SLA violations.
  • Ticket tags: They enable easy organization of tickets, enabling quick access to popular and common issues.
  • Related tickets: Answering repetitive questions and concerns waste times. This feature enables bundling up of all related questions and concerns and answering all of them at once, which saves time.
  • Customizable ticket templates: Since not all tickets are the same, this feature enables bundling up of several templates that can be loaded on command resulting in easier response to tickets.
  • Personalized ticket pages by customer show a customer’s information that is enough to help agents understand the customer well enough to cater efficiently to their needs.
  • Individual ticket queues: This feature enables employees to organize their tickets more efficiently. It also helps the agents know which agent needs help.
  • Workflow customization- This enables the software to be flexible enough to be fine-tuned to your business needs.

Thanks to Help Desk Ticketing Software features, there are several benefits those already using the software enjoy.

Benefits of help desk ticketing software

  • Omnichannel support: Customers can use any means of communication, phone, email, text, or social media like to communicate their grievances or questions. This way a customer gets quick access to customer service. A service provider that offers such customer pleasing services is 8x8.
  • Reduced call volume: Agents no longer suffocate under a plethora of calls which sometimes lead to poor performances due to frustration. Calls get routed to agents, who are free at the moment, agents with skill sets to handle specific calls, which make it easy to handle situations faster. They can also be routed to specific departments or tier level.
  • Increased agent efficiency- Because of the automation factor, agents gets to help customers faster and efficiently.
  • Automated customer requests- The automation factor also leaves customers satisfied by having their questions and concerns dealt with quickly and accurately.
  • Improved scheduling- Automation also helps with the management of information that helps with the creation of budget-oriented schedules.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics metrics across channels- By collecting customer information relevant to the business, the business can improve its customer service capabilities.
  • Knowledgebase platform: Frequently asked questions can prompt creation of FAQs and site templates to help customers solve their own issues without agent assistance. According to Aspects report, 73% of customers would rather solve their own service issues than talk to customer service.

Is Help Desk Ticketing Software Different from Help Desk Software?

Well, both help desk ticketing software and help desk software definitions state that they are both software that gathers all customers conversations in one place for easy management, in the form of tickets, from different channels, be it emails, calls, texts or social media. So which is which?

Simply put, the help desk ticketing software is among the underlying feature of the help desk feature. So there is the help desk software and help desk ticketing software as one among its features.

Final word

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