More Efficient Help Desk Ticket Prioritization

For support teams, an inbox that is stuffed full of support tickets can be extremely stressful. Managing the queue can be frustrating. When you think you have cleared it out, more show up. Needed information is missing. Items are prioritized incorrectly. Your boss wants it done now regardless of how important it really is to the operation.

That’s why it critical to have a formal system for prioritization. Automating the system takes the politics out of the system and speeds up the process overall.

Help Desk Ticket Prioritization

An efficient system for prioritizing help desk tickets can make a significant difference in your operations. By prioritizing your workflow and automating your ticketing system, you can bring consistency to your process and speed up your resolution time. This improves user satisfaction and can lower operational costs.

How To Prioritize Your Workflow

Help desk ticket prioritization starts with the first person to respond to the concern. You must have a system in place to quickly assess the situation and assign it a priority. It should take into account both the urgency of the inquiry and the impact of the issue. The higher the impact, the higher priority it should receive.

It’s important to regularly review your queue, however. High priority tickets will naturally get the most attention. When that ticket is closed, the next highest priority ticket will be addressed. Because of this, lower priority tickets in the queue may never get addresses as new – higher – priorities may come up. This can lead to frustration by people with open tickets for extended periods of time. Analyzing how long items stay in the queue and if routine or regular issues keep popping up can highlight the need for systematic fixed.

How Help Desk Ticket Prioritization Software Help

Managing this process manually can be inefficient. Inaccurate information from any one person touching the ticket can derail the process or cause a ticket to get hung up in the system. The more users are entering information manually, the more difficult it becomes to have a standardization with all the necessary information in one place. Staff can spend time working on administrative tasks rather than solving problems. Automating this process allows team members to spend more time fixing things.

Using help desk ticket prioritization software provides efficient and standardized tracking by establishing guidelines for priorities and expected response times. Workflow automation, using rules set by the company, can send notifications when tickets are overdue, haven’t been resolved within a specified time, or come from a priority customer or stakeholder.

Benefits of Help Desk Ticket Prioritization Software

The benefits of automating the help desk ticket prioritization process with software are numerous. Here are the top 10:

  1. Automation of repetitive tasks can cut down on errors and make sure all needed information is filled out. This cuts down time tracking down important information.
  2. Dynamic ticket routing (and escalation) makes sure the right task is assigned to the right person the first time. Rules-based automation can make systems more efficient.
  3. Self-serve options for routine or reoccurring issues. Linking to help document as a first attempt to resolve a problem can help cut down on inquiries.
  4. Clear communication channels let everyone know how to communicate issues and where to find progress and solutions
  5. Knowledge management and Asset management allows cataloging of critical data and history of service requests.
  6. Automatic conversion of service request emails into trouble tickets.
  7. Real-time dashboards to show queues, processes, and status
  8. Provide notifications with ticket updates to users
  9. Automatic aging and reporting
  10. Survey users on satisfaction levels when tickets are closed

By using a software solution that integrates phone, email, and chat, you can provide omnichannel service to employees and customers regardless of how they contact you. This also allows your employees to communicate effectively and efficiently across channels (or even switching channels) from wherever they are. This allows agents to have immediate access to contact records and case histories of every inquiry.

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