Learn About Help Desk Problem Solving

Help desk problem solving allows users to address their computer needs and access the right resources to keep their software and hardware working properly. In this article, you can read more about how help desks provide necessary support for computer users to help businesses continue their operations and keep going with unified communications. You can also learn more about what help desks can do for your organization.

What is Help Desk Problem Solving?

Help desk problem solving involves a systematic process starting with uncovering the user's challenge, identifying problem causes and contributing factors, and looking for a feasible solution that can address the problem. From there, after identifying solutions, help desk team members look for ways to implement the solution so that users can continue their tasks.

Thanks to help desk problem solving, users find the answers they need to their most challenging computer issues. Long-term, this can help them get back to work sooner or overcome limitations of the software and hardware they are using.

How Does Help Desk Problem Solving Work?

Help desk problem-solving works by following a consistent process. This way, technicians can increase the likelihood that they'll successfully solve the problem quickly and effectively. Depending on the organization and the department, how help desks solve their problems may vary.

Here is the process help desks typically follow to solve user problems:

  • Listening: Help desk technicians listen to the needs expressed by their users.
  • Gathering information: From there, they ask the user follow-up questions and start collecting information that may help to solve the problems.
  • Troubleshooting: Help desk technicians start to troubleshoot by taking the information they've collected and asking themselves how the problem might have happened in the first place and what it would take to solve it.
  • Strategizing: Technicians then develop their own strategies to start addressing the problem.
  • Implementation: From there, they implement a fix to address the user's needs properly.
  • Follow-up: Checking-in with the user, they ensure the problem was solved correctly and hasn't recurred. If the problem comes up again, they need to implement another fix after going back and doing more troubleshooting.

For some of these steps, there may be other additional aspects of the process. Some companies have formal systems they use for providing help desk assistance. They generally organize requests into tickets, having users file a request for service and provide enough details to enable the technician to provide the right solutions.

What Types of Problems Can Help Desks Solve?

Some examples of problems help desk technicians can solve include the following:

  • Lockouts: When a user is locked out of software for forgetting a password, etc.
  • New accounts and other account management: Depending on the organization, some help desks may be responsible for account management and helping new users get started with their accounts successfully.
  • Viruses and incident response: Help desk technicians may be asked to respond when user computers are impacted by a virus, hacking, or other incident.
  • Installing hardware and software: At some companies, the help desk department is responsible for installing new hardware and software.
  • Network implementation: Some businesses have their help desks implement new networking equipment.

As problems come up, users contact their help desk and ask the technicians to provide remote or in-person support for hardware and software. This type of support can vary tremendously and technicians should expect every work day to be just a little bit different.

Because of this, it helps if the technicians are flexible and have adaptable personalities. It isn't always easy to keep a company's equipment and software running properly and different team members have varying levels of comfort with technology. They may want added support to keep everything moving.

Getting Started with Help Desk Problem Solving

Help desks can empower your organization to offer meaningful solutions to computer problems your users encounter every day. Thanks to having the right technicians and support, your business can become more productive and power through computer problems. Many companies follow a systematic process to do their technical support troubleshooting. Help desks make it easier to solve computer challenges for business teams.

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