Implementing the Help Desk Maturity Model

The Help Desk maturity model serves as a benchmark to access your Help Desk services in relation to people, process, and technology. By analyzing key factors of service delivery, you can better understand the current landscape and where you want to be.

This assessment can identify the gaps between where you are currently and your goals for the future. It helps create a pathway to success as you define the steps to improve your quality of service towards meeting your goals.

Help Desk Maturity Model: Four Key Concept Areas

The Help Desk maturity model focuses on four key concept areas for Help Desk support that cover the various way IT support works. It can be applied for both internal and customer-facing support services and used to assess in-house or outsourced Help Desk solutions.

  1. Strategy
  2. Delivery
  3. People
  4. Governance

Each area is rated in terms of its maturity level (from low to high). By breaking down complex systems and interactions into the smallest details, gaps in performance can be identified and improved.

Within each of these core assessments are sub-categories:


  1. Support Strategy
  2. Structure
  3. Integration
  4. Prioritization


  1. Services
  2. Skills
  3. Procedures
  4. Workload Class
  5. Inquiry Handling
  6. Non-reactive Workload Management
  7. Outstanding Workload and/or Backlog


  • Support Work Group Managers
  • Staff Status
  • Staff Engagement
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Customer Engagement


  • Management and Leadership
  • Measurement
  • Ownership
  • Productivity
  • Consistency

Each of these areas is rated on their level of maturity based on how situations are handled. The higher the level, the more mature the system.

Level 1

Absence of consideration of the function; existence of function not realized nor consciously engaged; either dealt with reactively on occurrence or in the case of an inquiry, may slip into the long-term backlog.

Level 2

Localized recognition of function, but at silo-level only, and approach still haphazard and lacking strategy. Tends to be dependent on personalities.

Level 3

Broader recognition of function affecting several silos; Sporadic inter-work group interaction emerges. Dawn of genuine coalface-level management ownership of IT Support workload, instead of reactive coexistence with it.

Level 4

Support responsibility recognized by all involved managers. Work group Interaction formalized, quantified, formally resourced throughout. Management involvement peaks here, as a horizontal, operational executive layer emerges.

Level 5

End-to-end functionality, workload anticipation and resource deployment now standard, routine practice; cultural norm requiring little to no management involvement except for genuine exceptions.

Help Desk Maturity Model:  Assesses “What” And Not “How”

The Help Desk maturity model will not fix your service desk or support delivery problem. At best, it can identify where problems and opportunities exist within your current delivery system. It is a tool to diagnose where a targeted approach can improve your maturity level to move closer to the “future state” you defined as the level of service you desire to provide.

The description above for each level of maturity is by nature broad-based. In assessing your Help Desk maturity, you will need to determine what actions and interactions fit which levels. You can’t assess core functions until you know how you are going to rate them. 

Help Desk Maturity Model:  The Circle Of Life

Applying a Help Desk maturity model is not a “one and done” process.  As you identify areas of improvement, it is important to monitor these areas to make sure you are reaching your interim stages and moving toward your final goals.  Reapplying the maturity model at key intervals can gauge your progress.  It can also identify complacency and lapses in performance.

Virtual Contact Center Solutions

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Because the system is flexible and scalable, you can quickly make changes as your business evolves.  Integrated phone, email, and chat provide multiple pathways for employee and customer interaction in a cost-effective manner.  API suites allow for integration with leading ERP, travel software, and other internal applications.

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